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The Faculty Workshop

The Faculty of Astrological Studies of Great Britain comes to New York


Friday 14th-Sunday 16th September

39 Fifth Avenue at Michael Lutin’s Office

Rites of Passage:

Honouring the Cycles of Life


Taught by internationally known tutors, Carole Taylor and Deborah Morgan of the Faculty- school of astrology with a global student base and an international reputation for excellence.


Here is what we will be Doing


The focus is on Saturn and Chiron and the progressed Moon as well as the mid-life transits of Uranus of Neptune and Pluto.  Saturn and Chiron will both be highly active in your life this September so it is a very good time to attend this workshop. Bring your own chart.


It is also a chance for newcomers to find out more about FAS – our courses and opportunities for study (distance learning, online and Summer Schools), and our exams and Diploma qualification.


To kick it all off Friday evening at 6:30pm whether you are coming to the workshop or not, be our guest at our 70th birthday party, join us for food, drinks, and cake at 39 5th Avenue. 


Friday evening

6.30-8pm Party to celebrate 70 years of the Faculty – join us for food, drinks and birthday cake!

Saturday morning

10-11.15am: Introducing cycles and rites of passage

11.45-1pm: The cycle of Saturn

Saturday afternoon

2-3.15pm: The mid-life transits

3.45-5pm: The Chiron cycle

5-6pm: Creative session

Sunday morning

10-11.15: The Progressed Moon

11.45-1pm: Working with participants’ charts

Sunday afternoon

2.30-3.30pm Informal discussion continuation of chart analysis and further introduction about the faculty its courses qualifications.  Those who attend this workshop will receive credits toward the faculty’s course and our prestigious diploma.


What you will receive

The complete handbook of the Faculty’s course, a tremendous value and great reference material containing astrological information, new ideas and ways to begin thinking about planetary cycles and life passages, as well as suggestions for reading and further study.


What you will need

The workshop is suitable for participants at all levels of study, with an emphasis on personal chart work and gaining insight into your own patterns and life story. You will need a basic knowledge of how to read a birth chart – understanding of transits will also be very useful.

Bring your chart or astrological app and an ephemeris if you have one.


Fees and registration

Fees: $150 USD

Registration: included in the workshop fee, all tuition, tea and coffee during the breaks.  Also included in your registration is the complete handbook of the Faculty’s course, a tremendous value and great reference material.




For bios and further discussion of the workshop click here.