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Workshop tutors



Carole Taylor BA Hons, MA, FFAstrolS

I am the Faculty’s Director of Studies and have been a Faculty tutor for 17 years. I was the Faculty’s Vice-President from 2001-2009 and President from 2009-2012. I am a full-time astrologer with a busy practice, based in West Sussex but with an international client base. I have also spoken at conferences in the UK and USA and have taught workshops for Heaven & Earth Workshops in Bali and Goa, and for the Academy of Astrology in China. I have an honours degree in Geography from Cambridge University and a masters in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University, and I continue to pursue studies and interests in myth, symbol, divination and depth psychology.



Deborah Morgan BA Hons, DFAstrolS

I have been a Faculty tutor for seven years and a member of the Faculty Council since 2010, holding a variety of posts during this time. I also run a busy astrological practice based in Nottingham, U.K. My client work focuses on the importance of planetary cycles and attuning to the rhythms of the natural world and cosmos, and how the practice and symbolism of astrology can enrich our daily, professional and spiritual lives. I hold an honours degree in English Studies from Nottingham University where my interest in working with symbols first emerged. The monthly lunar cycles, annual solar cycle and planetary returns are a particularly vivid and accessible path into this way of living, which developed from my interest and practical experience in earth-based spiritualities.


The Workshop

This weekend course explores the what we are all currently experiencing and those that prevail at different times of our lives and determine our futures. Plus the powerful transits of Saturn Chiron and the progressed Moon as well as the mid-life transits of Uranus of Neptune and Pluto that trigger events in our lives.  Milestone astrological transitions that we all experience and the deep understanding of our inner lives and archetypal parallels that can prevail at such times.


Rites of Passage: Honouring the Cycles of Life will focus on the roles of Saturn, Chiron and the progressed Moon in the unfolding of our inner potential throughout our lives, as well as the profound triggers for change represented by the mid-life transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The cycle of Saturn, the gatekeeper, can be felt as the crossing of thresholds into a deeper way of living, while Chiron’s cycle encourages us to integrate different facets of our personal insight. Additionally, we will consider the contrast between linear time and astrological time, and the subtle rhythm of the progressed Moon in our personal development over the course of a lifetime.

The course will take a creative and imaginative approach to natal and forecasting interpretation and to help you work on all charts in a new way.  All you need is the basic knowledge on how to look at a birth chart and we will do the rest.  Bring charts you want to look at and an ephemeris if you have one.


Interested in gaining course credits?

The workshop attracts 20 credits towards the Faculty’s courses and towards gaining our prestigious Diploma qualification.


For anyone wishing to register with the Faculty, you will be awarded the credits for Module 1 and can go straight to Module 2 when you sign up to study with us. If you do sign up for Module 2 with us, you will be given access not only to our extensive written course material for Module 2 but also the course material for Module 1.

Presentation copies of our written course material will be available for you to browse over the weekend.


If you are already taking the Faculty’s courses, contact Deborah or Carole to discuss your options for credits.


About the Faculty of Astrological Studies

The Faculty of Astrological Studies is a well-established teaching body, offering a course which many people take simply out of a deep love of the subject and others are keen to follow as a professional training from beginner to practitioner level.  Its aim since its inception in 1948 has been to raise the standard of education for astrologers, encouraging personal commitment, sound ethics and a thoughtful approach, as well as good technical skills and the confidence to use one’s own creative imagination to the full. These principles will all be reflected in this weekend workshop.


For more information about the Faculty and its courses and events, including its annual Summer School at Exeter College, Oxford and its programme of online courses and seminars, go to

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