2019 June

22 Jun: Believe it or not

While it may be hard to accept that dark forces have once again returned to invade our domain to threaten our very existence, thank God for these little guys, if you know what I mean.

19 Jun: Mars in Fall meets Pluto

 Although the planet mars is considered in a weaker  state while it is transiting the sign of cancer, here we see mars in opposition to Pluto. It’s the little guy…

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19 Jun: Chiron in Aries: staying humble

When you spend a fortune on a new outfit,  get the hair just exactly right and splurge on the expensive benefit of the modern wonders they can do to your…

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18 Jun: It’s happening tonight

Wait a minute. Quiet. Don’t anybody say a word. I think I’m getting a message. It’s happening tonight. During the occultations. In the dark. maybe over after dinner cognac. A
Secret agreement between individuals we don’t know, affecting you, me, our kids and grandkids. All of us. But it won’t be on the news and we, the uninvited guests, will be the last to know. Hardly seems fair. I’m probably joking around and being spooky. Stay tuned.