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when the owl lies down with the wolf

This solar eclipse at the Cancer Node   suggests that no matter what you may stand to lose pridewise, or have to bend and give up at the front end  (which could be considerable),  you’ll be surprised to find that authentic intimacy of  a long term bond will turn out  a much richer profit.  So watch what happens after 2 July when the owl lies down with the wolf. And believe me, that’s EXACTLY What   could honest-to-god happen. 

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Extraordinary! My husband and I have a court case on July 2 there is an aspect of this around intimacy !

We will need just this piont to find, or to get closer to, this absolutly important feeling after all this work, or not? Someone called it agape. hm.

Another one of your amazingly accurate comments 🤗 Are you by any chance here and secretly watching me ? 🤔 Firstly, one wolf the owl has been already lying with, his name really starts with “Wolf” 🙄 As if one is not enough, there is another wolf the owl has been lying down with 😡 It looks as if Aunt Tilly is doing the right thing although she is longing for much deserved freedom. Thank you Michael, one and only ❣❣❣

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