31 Dec: Welcome, welcome Welcome!

Glad you could make it. Just for a minute forget all the grief and  dark stuff. I know about the tragedy. Greet  the New Year with a little glamour and a healthy touch of the unreal. The Moon’s in Pisces after all. So why not waltz into 2020 all dressed up looking your best, because, who knows?  With Jupiter so close to the Sun you could  win an award or something. For  bravery if nothing else.

So then, may I have the first dance?


  1. First off, the Buddha would say,don’t look back.”

29 Dec: This may sound corny as hell

under the circumstances, but with the SaturnPluto conjunction so close, more than ever now you need love and validation. People are a lot more vulnerable and fragile than they appear

Besides, with Chiron at the Aries point you are actually your own harshest critic and you don’t let up and give yourself a break.
It’s not a question of narcissistic validation, but whether it’s a huge family cheering you on, or your pet cricket sitting on your shoulder, just need a reminder that you are still needed in this world.
Good idea to give the same blessing to your next door neighbors. They probably could use one, too.


16 Dec: Must haves!

The last two talks Michael has given are two of the most important talks that he has given in a long time, From the edge of tomorrow NCGR Fall 2019…

14 Dec: Way to screw up a guest list, Mikey.

Thanks If it turns out that two thirds of the guests invited to the  dinner party never received their invite, It turns out I screwed up too.  The worst non-retrograde Mercury Mercury ever. We had divided investigation into Two lists but there was a third one also no way to remember who was Sent and  who wasnt and who didnt answer. We beg forgiveness of those we most grievously missed and we forgive anyone who dissed us. May we all be blessed in 2020 anyway.