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Confidential to Paul Ryan

  You are  definitely coming back. Your political career is far from over, so don’t get rid of all your nice clothes yet.  This is probably the toughest moment to keep quiet and stay behind the scenes, mainly because you’re probably screaming on the inside.  Did you leave to early is it too late To come back? Has your moment passed? Do you still owe the country and the world your genius?  Or did you just chicken out like a fool?Those are all the usual questions that zip through the mind when Pluto is  just about to end its  transit to your solar  twelfth house over  the next couple years. Fact is, There is a purpose to this metaphorical imprisonment that you have actually chosen for yourself. You have to Mellow, And it means following a more personal and intimate position in your life to do so.You need  to develop more compassion for all beings everywhere. It’s not giving up what you believe; it is becoming more mature and human that will take you back into the national scene. But…ambition means Getting your feet wet again and your hands dirty. Look upon your path as one of  selfless service and you will be fine.

Call me if you need anything.