15 Oct: Separated before birth?

I am the last one who would ever be the type to spread silly gossip, but  I’ve got to admit that  sometimes those wacko conspiracy kooks come up with quite a headscratcher now and then.

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03 Oct: In a planetwide revolution

No one in a position of authority is safe or secure. The examination of the integrity, motivation and authenticity of performance of all public servants and heads of organizations and religious institutions is about to become widespread and all-encompassing. Once definitive, corroborative evidence is collected and substantiated, expect exposures so…

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'He's out cold. Someone fetch a felt marker so I can draw something on his face.'

03 Oct: It may take a while to sink in….

  No matter how  random life seems, we are always having good luck. So if you’re convinced you are knocked out, finished, cooked, juices running clear, ready to pop out of the oven and be carved up like a turkey, caput, done done done, and you sure as hell will,…

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01 Oct: Ok. I’m finally going to say it.

OK I’m going to say it, and when I do, don’t freak out. I say this  mainly because I believe you are already feeling it. I shall explain my position on all this, and then you can make your own assessment of the situation. First of all, I would like…

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30 Sep: Pluto crosses the line

Today, as Pluto crosses  the Sun’s path into the South, it manifests in full  what we said in the famous December 2006 Vanity Fair piece. Since current events will chronicle an immediate, monumental and permanent change  in American history affecting the Karma  of the whole world, It is worth  looking at…

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Mars at 0° Aquarius   is the point at which Donald Trump was elected In 2016. This Point will turn out to herald a revolution and transformation,  Not only in American politics and culture, But a change in  human earth history. Mars approaches that point  in just a few days.

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