12 Aug: I’m telling you it moved!

I know what I saw. It just moved. It’s not dead! It can’t be dead if it is moving and I’m telling you it is moving and it is NOT dead.  What do you mean?” What  the hell am I  talking about?  I know what I saw. There’s movement, that’s What the…

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31 Jul: Get power back! Yeah, then what?

Mars comes close to Earth now in all its red planet beauty- -inflammations and circulatory issues, included. That’s one explanation for why people irritated with and annoy the hell out of each other so easily. It takes all the reserve energy you’ve got just to make toast. But… at its…

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19 Jul: Ever come close to losing it?

You ever have those moments when you think you may be really coming apart and losing it? Then it passes and you go on your merry way? Passage of Pluto into the South marks the end of one human era,  for Everybody alive. That means Confronting death anxiety and dealing…

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Enlightened Despotism or  Corrupt Democracy:  Is there no alternative? Whether you like it or not, and even if you are completely unplugged, non-political, and you have stopped watching the news all together… You should know there is a vitally important philosophical battle growing now to a fever pitch. The battle…

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13 Jun: I don’t care where you came from!

But you’re not going to walk in here, take jobs   away from  Americans, get on welfare and collect Social Security. And we’re not going to have no goddamned  one world government run by you either!

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