Trump with 100s Hamberders

18 Jan: Another Side of Trump “Presidency”

Another Side of Trump “Presidency” Even though each of us is facing our own personal challenge to overcome and a wound to heal on this particular Full Moon, it does have some significance in the world events. 0° Aquarius is a harbinger(see hamberder pic)of great change occurring now. The transition…

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05 Jan: Wanted to make sure you saw this

Forget predictions and where the planets are for a moment, especially if you’ve ever gotten too close to losing it and and were waiting around for a miracle. There IS something you’re in control of. It’s difficult to imagine a miracle might ever be happening in the midst of so…

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21 Dec: If you just stop laughing for a sec

 If you’d stop laughing for just one second and look around you at all the knee-slapping and guffawing of the audience sitting behind you in this theater, you will see that the poor slob on the stage is actually a sad creature.  It’s actually as cruel as laughter  at  a…

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17 Dec: Chapter Five Humans Rising

HUMANS RISING  CHAPTER FIVE Marcus Decimus, Flavia and Munyah The Witch These people believe their god has cursed them, because we’re here,” Marcus Decimus said as he washed down a fig with a cup of wine. No, My Dear,” Flavia said, standing behind him and looking over his shoulder at…

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