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It’s funny( not funny, spooky)

No matter what time you wake up, the darling, little monster is right there.
« Can’t sleep, Hon? »
It whispers sweetly. « Me neither «
As if the two of you are in total sync And have been living together since forever.
It seems pretty real. . And even if your real life sweetheart is sleeping close to you in the bed, it helps, but sometimes even your wedding band seems to be cutting off the circulation in your finger.
Or 1,000,001 other notions go zinging through your head. Or I should say trying to get into your head and turn you inside out and upside down.

But it’s actually just a manifestation of Jupiter Saturn and Pluto rising with the Sun

That’s the moment to turn the light on in your soul and refuse to be plagued by the darkness. Recognize it for what it is. A dangerous patch of forest you
are exploring, a sheer perilous cliff you are scaling, a moment of grief in your existence to which you will not succumb, anotherObscuration of the
MIND you will not allow to frighten or weaken your resolve to succeed.

Then you can either get up and start your day, or just go peacefully to sleep.