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Lunation in Gemini: Horoscopes for all Signs

Lunation in Gemini 2020 for Gemini Gemini Rising
It’s a shame so many members of this sign get branded as ditzy airheads, just because they have a few “unfinished symphonies,” waiting for them to get back to As soon as they get a chance.
It’s just that their life can’t keep up with their mind. Geminis should, however, get credit for their uncanny abilities to communicate with all kinds of people in many languages with sophisticated fudging and child like candor. In five minutes flat they can chat up the Roto-Rooter man on the subject of clogged drain pipes, and turn around if they get the chance and tell Prince Harry right out to his face in a friendly way, as if they’ve known each other forever, that he’s making a big mistake.
Now, however, the transits of Jupiter Saturn and Pluto in their solar eighth house have brought them to a more sobering, serious and profound point of new depth. Confronting the truth of impermanence and the brevity of life have placed them at the threshold of a new understanding of what their own existence on Earth is really all about.
So they’re proving to everybody how capable they are of going deep and facing impossible situations with bravery and brilliance—-At least for a minute or two.
Lunation in Gemini for Aries Aries Rising
With Mars transiting the 12th house in your solar chart, well that should surely keep you scratching your head and wondering if you’re being manipulated, gas-lighted on the wrong course and messed up by the  System and all its henchmen.
It would be wonderful if you could just stand up right now and tell any and all people in positions of power who are abusing those positions of power, that any day now their tenure could be coming to an end.  Not quite yet though. So for the moment even if you have to talk out of both sides of your mouth, this lunation in Gemini is going to come and eat at the South node at 29 Sagittarius. Which means you still need to be diplomatic and political, mainly because the revolution has not quite kicked in yet.
Lunation in Gemini 2020 for a Virgo Virgo rising
When you speak to the public, which you have to do now, you must communicate in the language everyone can understand, mainly because it’s the focus not only of this month, but it all professional capacity that you’re seeking to succeed in. That’s what happens when Gemini culminates at the top of your solar chart.
The Capricorn cluster in your solar fifth house demands an emotional and creative authenticity that maybe you’ve never experienced in a long time, if ever. Your heart must join with your head to enrich your output and help you express love as you may never have been able to do before. On top of everything. focusing on authenticity lessens any abandonment fears or homeless anxieties.
Even if they don’t know that they know it yet, or try to deny it, your audience can tell the difference between when you are talking through your butt or speaking from the heart.
Lunation in Gemini 2020 for Scorpio Scorpio rising
If they know what’s good for them, people should think twice before teasing you about being a secretive Scorpio. You’re a good sport and all that and a truth teller,  but we must reveal that there’s at least one room in your house nobody enters but you. And for all your dark humor, you do not appreciate or enjoy being the victim of any dark pranks.
That said, your communication skills on all subjects have never been sharper and that includes your sexual honesty and authenticity have never been more open and communicative than they are now. In fact, that’s the whole key to success right now, in business I mean. Don’t try to be commercial and follow the pack. It won’t work. You have to be the artist in everything that you do and do it because you’re inspired that way you can create with integrity and the money will always follow. Of course that may be a little hard to do in this crazy environment we are in, but you will see sales increase when the product or service you are offering reflects the integrity of the artist within you.
Lunation in Gemini 2020 for Sagittarius Sagittarius rising
It would be all too easy to lose confidence now with the South Node just entering your sign. It’s kind of a screwball transit, mainly because you could lose confidence now, criticize your own motives, questioning your instincts, and even doubt your decisions so you end up thinking you’re nowhere. Sagittarius is supposed to know all the answers. Not really of course, especially now when you just plain don’t. This is when you have to listen to people and get honest feedback from their perspective.
Granted, it’s easy to get confused when you’re trying to balance your own thoughts and beliefs with the data that is flowing in ceaselessly. So yes, listen to people that don’t necessarily believe. All that is easy to say, but when money in the state of the economy is becoming such an overpowering factor in every decision you make, you have to stay steady and not be swayed by  the advice of so-called experts. Besides many individuals in this world are motivated and their behavior skewed by soulless practicality.
At the end of the day, you have to trust yourself, fight the feelings of chaos and don’t be scared of making a boo-boo.
Lunation in Gemini 2020 for Aquarius Aquarius rising
I have said it before and I am saying it again: to all Aquarians you are passing through a ritual initiation at the moment, a spiritual test now not only of your faith But of your generosity as well. These transitions are, I think more intense for you than any other sign of the zodiac. Fortunately for you, because you can compartmentalize, you can still play with the kids, make love, laugh at the funnies, while all at the same time very cautiously moving forward so as not to lose your balance and slip off the end of the world. In some very real ways it may feel as if you are being scammed, being beat up, just to see how much you can take and still keep a smile on your face. You’re going to make it! Just remember you are being led forward by forces you do not understand, And any powerlessness you feel is leading you to greater strength and freedom when the moment comes for you to see is it. Just not immediately.
Lunation in Gemini 2020 Libra Libra rising
There is a pull in your mind to think positive thoughts, look for the silver lining and popping off somewhere for a little fresh air and adventure …just a quick trip to break the monotony. That is often the vibe when the solar ninth house is illuminated by the Sun and Moon. An equally great pull, however, tugs at you from your desire to preserve whatever you are currently calling.
Home and family. When personal security is challenged or put in jeopardy as it is now with the ruler of your fourth house retrograding back-and-forth over the cusp, it’s difficult to decide whether you should throw a few things in a bag and hop on the next bus, or go to your room and get under the covers.  It’s the kind of bug explorers get when they find that their lives are just too damned
predictable and the dread of becoming bourgeois causes an itch to get out… And stay there at the same time.
Lunation in Gemini 2020 Leo Leo rising
It’s fun to play games, especially with emotions, to be in love and get all drooly over romance just to enjoy life that’s what Leo’s are made of and that’s what Leo’s are made for. But… No matter how old you are, or young. There are times when friendship turns out to be more rewarding than traditional romance. And at this moment in your life you do need some healthy distance for socializing even under duress and new circumstances. Humbler and more diligent and conscious of your role in your community affairs, rather than just love affairs. Why?
Meaningful, significant events are taking place in your 6th house of work awareness and in your life regarding your role and service and the direction in which your concept of work and health are now headed. Health and the right livelihood are two concepts taking over your previous attitude toward work life as you become even more awake to what it means to spend your time taking care of not only of your body, but devoting time to more productive daily pursuits. Life in the body demands constant and continuous and diligent care of all of the functions that keep you moving in a pure and wholesome way… and that means change.
Lunation in Gemini 2020 Cancer Cancer rising
When you are able to look squarely and courageously at the current situation in each and every major relationship you are currently having, as well even as those that flood by you as you look back to the past, you realize how important it is to step up to the plate and actually be there. I’m saying being there for individuals who may be coping with such enormous changes and challenges, they themselves cannot really be totally present, either or sensitive to your particular needs. It’s asking a lot of you I know to bear the pain of standing by and not being able to do anything really. To show empathy in those moments is not always easy, especially when you can’t really do anything but be present. In the long run however, the Capricorn transit’s in your solar seven house that seem so overwhelming understandably so, can be much more easily handled solved and metabolized if you can step back for the moment, pray to whomever whether you’re a believer or not and gain strength from your inner mind. Believe it or not you are being guided.
Lunation in Gemini 2020 for Capricorn and Capricorn rising
There are a lot of things I could say now about the Saturn Pluto Jupiter transit in your sign about power, about abuse of power, about responsibility you know all that you’ve heard that since you were two. I think it’s better to hear this memory of an event that I would like to
tell you now. It will give you all the information you need for endurance, good health and success right now:
A few years ago a young neighbor of mine fell mortally ill. It was a tough situation and his family lived many miles away and he had no one really to care for him at the end. At a crucial moment everything happened at once I had to walk his dog try to reach his family and get him into an ambulance and down to the hospital on a rainy miserable December night.  The doctors and hospital staff took me aside ( I did get him admitted into the emergency room. )The situation was very grave they said.  He probably wouldn’t make it through the night so I should try to get a hold of the family. The following hours were sleepless, I
couldn’t find the family, Ken was failing fast and I just got home to walk his dog and get a couple of hours sleep. The next morning I hopped into a cab down to the hospital dreading what I would find. I walked gingerly down the hall toward his room and noticed that the bed was all made which is a bad-sign.
As I headed to his room and peeked around the corner, there was Ken, out of bed in a fancy bathrobe and wolfing down a stack of pancakes. Overwhelmed with relief, I cried, “KEN!
Ken! Wow Ken! So glad to see you last night the doctors… “
Ken interrupted me briskly.
“Michael, “ he replied emphatically. “I know what the doctor thought. But Michael, you know that I AM A CAPRICORN!  Do you think I would actually ever leave an apartment
half painted?”(Ken gave a New Year’s Eve party in his home that year.)
Hello lunation in Gemini 2020 for Pisces Pisces rising
New direction in life new people new goals? Sounds wonderful truth is however nobody knows where the hell any of it is all going now. Even that fabled secret Cabal of billionaires and aliens with all their secret meetings on the Darkside of the moon or if it’s just any group you would like to and like nacho belong to because when it comes to finding purpose In finite longing that you have, you know you don’t have to do any of that. You are loved, you love, and with all the confusion you’re still happy and right now big politics I try to squeeze into your place it’s not the best way to spend your energy fighting them secret rebel though you are. This is a time for planting seeds for others to sprouts. If your opportunity now to produce miracles anonymously. Enjoying intimacy of family and your cozy little niche on this planet is a lot more
rewarding—Not to mention safer.
The world is screwed up and it’s all surreal. You can enjoy it Bask in it or experience it andintervene if you have to , but show all these fools how it’s supposed to be done by immersing yourself and still know it’s all a movie and when the movies are over it’s just popcorn on the floor And a blank screen. Talk about weird people that you’re going to meet!
Lunation in Gemini 2020 for Taurus Taurus rising
I probably should have a written DONATION in Gemini because it’s a money month on top of your life being upside down with the planet Uranus just getting comfortable making you uncomfortable… Illumination in the second house with the north node puts the focus on your financial liquidity and your financial responsibility you’re carrying the burden and there’s no free money. Your mobility depends on becoming aware of your assets and manipulating and moving them appropriately. It’s not the timeFor magic or winning the lottery you have to handle the money properly now. So… Use your brain power, education and ethical sense of responsibilities, although at all may be boring and burdensome. You will be surprised how much freer and more powerful you feel when you see yourself an accomplished business person and not some flaky woo-woo artist with dreams of striking it big. It may not be business as usual anymore, but you’ve got the brains and the ethics to produce wonders. We just have to stay focused come up with brilliant solutions to Life’s mundane challenges. Taurus is all about enjoying earthly pleasures which always costs some money.
And try to be cool in your body and avoid eating all the ice cream and forget to offer some to the other person in the room.