11 Feb: Healing Pain: 29 Pisces

PAIN and HEALING February 2019 Everybody gets hurt in life. It’s part of the deal. Even if you have the most beautiful horoscope with no afflictions at all, planetary progressions and transits will eventually enter everyone and complicate your plans. Planets will clash personalities, but eventually you have to believe that…


04 Feb: Sudden Change of Thinking, Uranus Leaves Aries

It has been observed that planetary transits offer their greatest wisdom as they are leaving a zodiac sign. We are all now witnessing such an event as both Chiron is leaving Pisces and Uranus is leaving Aries. This is a sacred moment filled with an energy of great importance to…


28 Jan: Don’t let your mind run away with you

Your mind won’t help you now.  Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, you feel the rumble beneath your feet, the trumpet blares and the landscape of your life changes again. February and March will clearly demonstrate a surprising set of unexpected new fun wrinkles  as Pluto mid…



HOT FLASH: THE HIDDEN MESSAGE BEHIND THIS LUNAR ECLIPSE WE JUST EXPERIENCED will come through the signs of Capricorn/Cancer , the current position of the Moon’s nodes, and NOT Leo:Aquarius: And here’s the dish: Although the world revolution has already begun, there’s also an esoteric lesson for all of us….


01 Jan: You: New Years Day for forty-nine days

New Years Day 1Jan for the next forty-nine days YOU NOW Amid tears and cheers, From unimagineable vulnerability and internal trauma To Remarkable, miraculous Recovery, limping but triumphant, the soldier comes home, ready for his destiny at last.


25 Dec: A tiny peekie-poo ahead

While Sol is drawn into the shadow of Saturn and Pluto on its node, you’re bound to get the heebie-jeebies and teeth-chattering predictions of impending doom in the days, weeks and months ahead. If you give into them completely, life could get pretty freaky and frightening , and you could…



DECEMBER. 2018 Question: By any chance do you feel happy and sad at the same time? That’s silly, how could you feel both great and terrible in the same moment or at one moment right after the other? Some doctors called that skitzy or bipolar. Of course in some cases,…


21 Nov: Virgo takes the hit

Mutable T-square Full Moons always mean mad running around and this month, it’s Virgos who take the hit in the whole Sign house Occupied by Virgo. On another note, we are all headed into the most personally and spiritually challenging holiday season we’ve ever experienced. We’re all frazzled already.  …


08 Nov: Yes, Jupiter in Sagittarius is great…

YES, JUPITER IN SADGE IS GREAT, and many new roads lie before you. Definitely things are looking up and bright Opportunities are being offered. Options are being presented. But think a sec. Excuse me for being a pain in the ass, but I’ve got to ask you: Why can’t you…