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Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 12 Sign Insights

Continued from homepage intro on the Sag Lunar Eclipse

It is never wise to get too hung up on these transits, mainly because these phenomena come and go, and especially with the South Node transit in Sagittarius, Your imagination can run wild and tempt you to go to the track and bet on the nag, youre  sure  is going to be a winner, but it doesn’t happen the way you think.  So we say “wrong thinking” just to guard against magical thinking and becoming too attached to a fantastical outcome. The South Node is about gratification, not fulfillment. It is a trick the mind plays on us and that’s why so many people end up staring into the same hole, each from their own point of view.

They see all sorts of signs and omens: the Virgin Mary appearing on a gas station floor, psychic dreams that tell them to move to Texas or away from New Jersey, stuff like that.
The weird thing is sometimes  we are on the mark at least in the short run. The South Node lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius teaches us not to put so much stock in hopes and grandiose dreams no matter how seductive and tempting they are – – and they are subjective and tempting. It is teaching us all to observe and catalog experiences, focus not on far away goals, people and places, but to  tend to the garden in our own backyard.

That is so hard to do and we’re looking for something to hope for and dream on, when the temptation to explore the big world out there beckons with the promise of great treasures to be found over the next hill.
where to put our minds then?


So then it’s easy to tell us to focus on the joy of emptiness, but that’s so tricky, mainly because the message has to be emptiness itself. The concept of emptiness teaches us to step back and observe with all of our own senses reject all prejudice and dogma and assess the reality of any situation and the behavior other people judging  if their behavior is aligned with what they are saying.

Emptiness. When I was a little kid we had a big tree in front of our house at the base of which me with my little friends had started digging a hole with our little beach shovels.

A grown-up neighbor happened by and warned us to be very careful of what we were doing, because if we dug deep enough we would dig all the way to China and disturb  the people down there. We laughed of course and we kept digging and digging and digging each day a little more until one day we hit a red piece of stone that we were sure is the rooftop at somebody’s house. We quickly re-fill wd the hole.

Looking back that may  have been a manifestation of an eclipse at the South Node in Sagittarius, when you are absolutely sure you have stumbled on something big, but you haven’t.

Emptiness. Astrology the South Node, an hour of the Moon in Sagittarius When the Moon  is said to be exhausted, because the goal is not to fill your mind with false hopes and beliefs, but  just to reject all doctrines,  to explore and reject.

. The goal is to empty your mind of preconceived notions and pacifying wishes and to exist in the calm ocean of the Shining, Thrilling, Bliss of the Empty Mind.


Aries Aries Rising –  with or without a phd, your opinion is just as good as anyone else’s


Taurus Taurus Rising – doesn’t mean you have to talk dirty, but sex is best with real communication


Gemini Gemini Rising – if a person can’t be there for you, be there for yourself


Cancer Cancer Rising – meditation is great, but nothing substitutes for proper diet


Leo Leo Rising – is it romance or friendship


Virgo Virgo Rising–  hiding in the house or facing the publc


Libra Libra Rising – you know the truth, whether people listen or not


Scorpio Scorpio Rising – your wealth comes back to you a 1000 fold when you are practicing generosity and your passion


Sagittarius  Sagittarius  Rising–  it is hard to ask for help, but fulfilling when you do


Capricorn Capricorn Rising – to achieve mastery, rely on practice, not magic


Aquarius Aquarius Rising– just say I love you without embarrassment


Pisces Pisces Rising – the world is crazy. Live with it now, everything is temporary.