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Thanking everyone

So let’s stay connected. as long as we can as My surgical procedure to open
Thé flow from me to you is at the moment set for Thursday June 23.
I’ll keep the channels open best I can, but I want to thank you here and now for all the wishes, vibes and prayers to Archangel Michael and general encouragement to keep going.
I know I’m hard to deal with sometimes and get wrapped up in my work and creative pretentiousness, but it’s the good will of everybody out there who forgives me my self involved narcissistic trespasses, and has taken the time to say hi and
Send me love and luck that has gotten me this far. And the Dark Forces? They have their right to to exist, too, but I’m not on their team this time.
The only way I can repay your loving kindness is to keep reading the stars and communicating what I think is up next to enjoy or grieve over behind the scenes, when it’s going to happen, how long is it gonna last all the time working to increase joy and reduce sorrow,while in the meantime keep us all laughing and together in the Light.
And by the way: I also sincerely wonder who is really pulling the strings up there, because it sure as hell ain’t me.