Daily Fix

09 May: Know This: Venus Jupiter

No matter how hairy your scene,

with ♀♃△, today everybody gets a bluebird on their shoulder. Somebody out there loves you.

07 May: Can even well adjusted people get spooked?

It’s so strange, how sometimes it can come over you. How a normally generous and loving person could suddenly feel bitter, insecure, suspicious, resentful, angry and jealous. It may be just a quick transit of Venus near Mars, Saturn and Pluto, of course, but still….why? Beyond the obvious trigger there must be an underlying reason.

04 May: When the Moon is dark and has lost its glow

At the point when the exalted  Moon is dark and has lost its glow, Let’s face it then we can go on. Saturn: the force that withers plants.
But when the exalted Moon receives the fertile Solar light as we will see Saturday-Sunday…


02 May: In the mad search…..

SATURN’s ON THE SOUTH NODE for months, which means
A key obsession in your life has been activated.
So Splash around in it if you must and stay cool, but for heaven sake’s don’t get lost in the hole!
This is an aspect to be mindful of and answer this question:
In your mad search for gratification Whom or what in your current life are you trying vainly to escape or obsessively grab onto….and WHY?

01 May: The general feeling

Dark of the Moon Saturn stationary

01 May: News of the day


Feel the wall? That’s the station of Saturn. It reminds you of the night the lights went out in your bathroom and for a few panic-stricken moments you couldn’t find the door. That was then. This is now.

Meanwhile….at lupovici’s 

on ML CONFIDENTIAL, ML  whispers in the ear of Kim Jong Un and on World News gives us the skinny on the whole Trump thing.

30 Apr: Under-the-covers time?

It’s OK. I understand. I know just how you feel and it’s all right. With Saturn exactly Stationary in its own Sign, I totally understand.Although you’ll eventually have to get up and face everything, it’s ok. Go back to bed and pull the covers over your head.

28 Apr: Stuck

At the moment, the answer is
Not now.
Ask again later.
Come back tomorrow.
Papers not in order.
Whatever you want we haven’t got any.

27 Apr: Mars square Neptune weekend

It  can run the gamut from creative genius, brilliant imagination,  idolatry toward mythic heroes and spiritually courageous pursuits to—— depravity, and unspeakable criminal activity. Fun fun fun till your Daddy takes your T-bird away.


26 Apr: A word is just a word, so why shut down and freak yourself out?

There’s a word for it when Saturn and Pluto both seem to stop moving at the same time Mars configures with Neptune.
You naturally worry about a million things, yourself mostly.
Anything from real estate to microscopic bugs can get to you, then it becomes difficult to regain perspective and remember every thought, and I mean EVERY thought, is a product of mind. Sometimes it takes time for the real story to unfold, which, believe it or not, it is doing.
So if spooks are boogaloo-ing all over your brain, tell them to scram, and just cool it.
May all beings get some much-needed rest.
Anxiety is just a word, so throw the tiles back in the pile and keep playing.