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If you want to find out what they are really all about and what they’re really doing to us, you’ll probably have to wait till the next Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2054, that takes place in the middle of Pisces.

that’s how long these things simmer and wait to bubble up to mass consciousness  ability to grasp what’s really going on. We could probably go all the way back to the American revolution and who knows, it was maybe  just Ben Franklin‘s real estate deal gone wrong, And getting his face on $100 bill.. Right now something deeper and more drastic is taking place, and as usual,There is a plethora of stories, accounts, rumors, all covered under piles of deceit.

We don’t even know who they are, where they hail from and what They are really up to, we hope other than turning us into de humanized, obedient zombies.

I suppose we have to really keep the knowledge  in our hearts that the Universe  eventually does our highest good. Truth ALWAYS is revealed even if it takes until the next Saturn Pluto conjunction.