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If only we could all get rid of our South nodes. Then we would all not be so dominated By issues of control, domination and submission, we could all just follow our north node and be wonderful. Now however a battle is raging.

This is the clash of very different Titans, In the world politics and in your own head as Mars and Saturn go at it in the last half of 2020. Mars is young in Aries, brash, zero, vital, instinctual, adrenal, acting rashly first and apologizing later it’s always hot. Saturn is always old, cold, cool, IC, wise from experience, thoughtful, smart and rational, logical, patient with revenge, cynical, able to wait.

Mars although dominant in Aries likes Capricorn to, but Saturn  does not like Aries. Period.

This is an epic confrontation. Mars is at the moment is hotter-headed than ever, inflamed like an itchy young soldier hating being besieged between Kieron and Aris. Saturn on its side is moving between Pluto and Jupiter and Neptune surrounded by the three.

It’s a life and death dance. Mars is hampered further by an approaching retrograde. Saturn is already in its yearly retrograde, but Saturn is a custom to waiting as the crowd watches, expectant.