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We are entering a new dimension of . And we’re giving it a cool name – – LUPOVICI’s. It’s still me, of course, providing more for my readers and allowing you to see deeper into the heart of all that is happening cosmically and personally.

It’s sort of like Latin which means « I conquered the wolf », and I loved that, mainly because that’s how I see my work. I help people integrate their wild side into their careers and personal lives so they can be more creative and passionate about whatever they want to do.

So what are we offering that’s going to be special about LUPOVICI’s?
In addition to all of the material that readers have been enjoying on the site, we’ve got great plans for you.

See below for some of the benefits we have for members of  LUPOVICI’s.



Discounts on all messages, workshops and webinars.
Our First offering is projected to be a 4 part webinar
Audio and/or video with handouts
“Ten Steps To Prediction”


Horoscopes come to life when you communicate directly with an astrologer who “gets” you, knows what you want to do and can help you do it. If you’ve already had a session with me, of course that’s a head start. But even if you haven’t.… Sometimes you may have a specific issue you’re working or a person in your life that you want to know about, or an astrological question about some planetary happening. For members of the club, I’m going to try a new feature as well: it’s called Ask Michael. For those who have a question or an issue who want my response or feedback, but don’t need a whole hour session, they can ask it and I will answer.


If you’ve have a project, a book, an idea to launch and you can’t quite figure out how to do it, I will help you.

Certainly many talented people have wonderful, creative ideas and hopes for projects, books or some enterprising endeavor they want to make real. I’ll use my astrological expertise to help you propose, shape, market and launch your dream.


Michael’s World News

What you need to know,
When you need to know it,
And even before.

A private magazine of articles, comments, opinions, profiles, and predictions – my astrological interpretation of who is doing what to whom and what is going to happen to all of us.


HUMANS RISING: The Magic and Mystery of People and Their Horoscopes 

A serialized version of the book I have been working on for the last two years. It reveals my whole philosophy of how astrology affects us and where humanity is going.  I’m grateful and happy that members will be helping me write that book



A complete ongoing class in horoscope interpretation
( for all levels )


Subscription Period

Monthly, Yearly


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