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Difficult decisions lead you to a crisis of faith or absolute faith


Any Difficult decisions facing you create either a crisis of faith or bring you to absolute faith:
The Mars square to Chiron at the end of Pisces brings up the issue again..
Because a lurking background theme keeps playing over and over in your head, like a stupid old song you keep singing to yourself that repeats and repeats in your ear until
you could scream.
Only you don’t scream.
A dialogue you have with yourself between faith and futility. Life presents a conundrum, a set of seemingly impossible choices standing before you,
All of which seem both viable, attractive and abhorrent at the same time.
We look at it this week as Mars squares Chiron– the conflict between holding in your doubt, frustration and confusion or acting out rage and feeling guilty afterwards.
Rational and irrational at the same time, you know you are turning a major corner in your life, and options are narrowing.
You cannot stay exactly where you are on this, mainly because as everything is eternally changing,no condition remains stable.
The Universe is constantly in motion, a dynamic kaleidoscope of abstract images, a symphony of noise and static that may actually be speaking to you if you can calm your mind long enough to hear what It is saying.

When we first posted the Chiron/Pisces message back in 2011, we had this period right now in mind, certainly useful until Chiron’s departure from Pisces in early 2019. Since we think it’s a helpful reminder as we all go along our path, we post this often. A lot of folks know it well already, but if you’re new here, you can still get it.