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Mutable TSquare Challenges Everyone

The tsquare challenges everyone ( especially Virgos or anyone else with mid to late mutables or 10-12 Fixed),
The presence of uranus brings unexpected good news in the middle of bad
Into the mix comes a newly enlivened Venus to conjoin uranus. Also good news for the triumph of Venus over tribulation.

Candor, honesty, courage and independence all supplynew twists that can save you last minute from a Fall into the vat of boiling oil any hot confrontations Mars and Saturn can push you into.
The tsquare itself is
Pardon the profanity a

Mindfuck demanding clever wiggling:

Mars Gemini
Saturn Sadge
Chiron Pisces
Uranus Aries

Here’s the braintwister in a nutshell:
The urge to act out of rage or instinct suppressed by conscience or guilt, all fueled by the irrepressible hope of f
Finding viable and positive options to a complicated set of circumstances as a way of battling an undercurrent of futility.

Oy. But you can do it if you stay centered and operate out of north node consciousness