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Next week in review

First of all, there is no news. Ever.
We keep combing through the haystack, searching for the needle before we dare sit down.
What’s gonna happen today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that?
Why do we get so hooked on future predictions? Everything happens—
Everything–comes from what has happened before, and, (I’ve said this a dozen times), when one planetary aspect is over, what you are left with is how you handled it.
Period. End of story.
Right now.
Two moods emanate in the sky –Chiron at the end of Pisces and Uranus at the end of Aries.
As this week opens and unfolds, the Sun and Mercury are in strong aspect to both of those planets. How you deal with the paradox created by them will dominate your whole week and even beyond, no matter what your Sun or rising sign may be.

We all know that if you ignore the little things they can become big things but on the other hand, if the little things freak you out and you go mental from them, you could make them into big things when they really should be ignored in the first place.
With the Big things, can you handle them they become little things

The current Chiron position
Is like a voice in the background that tells you “it’s all over, the goose is cooked, just surrender, it’s over
it’s over
it’s over. Don’t bother to struggle. just go with the flow and let the river take you to it’s inevitable mouth of the ocean.

Accept the lingering pain and the grief of the loss and the Great inevitability no one escapes. Certainly such a notion could give you spiritual strength and wisdom about the impermanence of all things, but it’s also the poi t if view of a major loser.

The current position of Uranus in Aries:
Never up never surrender never give up never give up! Fight to the last you can beat any problem. Get out of bed wash your face put on some underpants and get out of the house and if you can’t get out of the house at least get to the window and see that the world outside is still happening you are happening you ain’t done yet. You got life still coursing through your veins and wow you’re alive you are not giving into weakness fear or depression goddamnit.

It’s a planetary duet that serenades you as you wake up and start your day and go through the rituals of coping with life and beating life at its own game.

The early days of the week set the stage for your performance, the action you take as the Sun approaches Mars, and how you end up harmonizing with that duet.

Uranus in Aries helps you March bravely forward and not be dragged down by memories of hurt or abandonment or lingering pain.

Chiron in Pisces remindsyou that you’re not over it yet. If the wound is deep enough it requires more cleansing and attention.
So no matter how tempting it is to just cave-in and give up, And just collapse on the floor
Till they come and take you away, you have to take a tough stance, figure out what you have to do to beat the odds, keep working on forgiveness not retaliation, And I promise you’ll be in business.

One more thing: Don’t get involved squabbling with loved ones over the news. There isn’t any.