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Next two weeks–roused from slumber

Roused from a sound sleep by a strange face at the window or an unfamiliar knock on the door?
Be cautious, not startled.
Something must awaken us all from our escapist slumber As the Full
Moon occurs at Pluto on its Node.
This is not only a political revelation but a highly personal one as well.

The gentle nurturing side of you is bound to come face-to-face with some Thing or a coldly cynical and calculating someone.

A healthy balance between personal life and business must be established.

Could merely be a horned owl, hooting its presence as it peers into your room from a branch outside.
Or a ghostly alien, terrestrial or otherwise, taking on earthly form, asking for entrance. Don’t laugh.
A cosmic portal between us and them is opening to the opening (more about this in September).

This lunation to Full Moon period represents the search for shelter,
The threat of Eviction, evacuation or displacement, the desire for connection on a compellingly profound level and the growing awareness of a of a fated, inexorable relationship.
The meeting with your teacher

The presence of such an intrusion sounds menacing, when it actually it promises the wholeness achieved only by meeting challenges and being transformed by your own courage.