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Normal? Are you kidding?

After what you’ve just beennthrough?
Not quite.
The direct motion of Mercury in Virgo does restore healthy rational perspective. No matter how disrupted your everyday life has been or how far you’ve deviated from routine, you have to restore some shred of order.

And impossible though it may seem, something akin to sanity does return.

Not quite.
Not quite at all.
Gotta be careful tho. Mercury can create its worst mental pandemonium in the days and hours just before moving from retrograde to direct.
So don’t rush it.
Don’t push it.
It’s what squeezed Bush into the White House in 2000.

Tuesday 5 September is a wiser moment to place your bets.

But will your life be Normal?
Not quite.
The Solar Eclipse of
21 august 2017
Has changed many lives forever.
If you can face yourself boldly, you will see that you have been touched so profoundly, personally and so permanently that you need to make room for a fresh avenue of creativity, new life style and total shift in emotional self- expression.
After that, more or less normal.
Whatever happens thanks to Virgo you’ll keep on ticking
Just have to integrate what has happened with your old “normal” life style.

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Your new website is fantastic. Gives me hope for this transformative period ahead. I’d be very happy to show such an upgrade 😉

I have missed you.. Especially through such a turbulent period of both degradation and illumination! alas our old friend is back and looking super slick love the new site ! I bet that took some doing 😉 Congratulations looking forward to sharing with you again ! With gratitude Jx

it fits in, slowwllyy …. ok, ok continental drift is also rated as a kind of speed

… have meant the weekly, LOL :–)

Your new website is just perfect and
you are the best and the most professional astrologer ever.

Welcome back to the world Michael! Your humour and your remarkable insights were missed. As for getting up the new website: did the earth move?

“Niagara Falls? Did you say ‘Niagara Falls'”?
“Slowly… I turned. Step by step…. Inch by inch…”
That is my Karma….

Woh! Nice new look! Been looking forward to your updates. Anyway, congratulations on the new skin. You’ve transformed too.

Yes, working on integrating the old with the new, acceptance, impermanance. Everything has changed and I thank you for your insight. Love this new site.

Love the color purple… still a little confused though. Is there a weekly for each individual sign like before?
Faithful follower since the 90’s

These eclipses have been profound. At the ripe old age of 71 I finally discovered my rising sign. My mother could never remember what time I was born, though how she could forget is beyond me, having given birth myself. A creative friend and I decided to try kineseology and it worked…turned out to be in Sagittarius and when I read about it, suddenly it all made sense. Like the final piece of a puzzle. I would never have thought, but saying that I have always traveled the world with my itchy feet, love foreign language and culture, and all the other things which Sag is famous for. Amazing. I am wondering what changes it will bring…also wondering if it is like the times when a new planet is discovered, suddenly characteristics descend?

Love the website, btw although I have had difficulty with the white screen on Android, but it is fine on the laptop.

Denise xx

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