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Venus toasts your marshmallow again

Venus approaches the Eclipse point.

Eclipses do often accompany states of temporary madness. They engender deeply hidden thoughts, wishes, desires and actions. They often usher in people, events and situations that couldn’t possibly happen to you, because they’re utterly unthinkable, but actually occur to alter your plan and change your life style.

They often augur the manifestation of your inner wishes and desires for good or ill.
Temporary insanity, you say?
Love IS the best sort of temporary insanity money can’t buy.
Oh, yes, that could be a plot twist stranger than any fiction writer could dream up.

It’s the ember in the ashes, yes, yes,
The ember in the ashes.

Relationships, business or personal, spawned in the shadow during the time of an eclipse, especially the August 2017 solar eclipse in close and favorable configuration to the planet Uranus, will tend to have surprising repercussions as well as unexpected and unpredictable rhythms. They will blow hot and cold. They will tend to burn bright, then appear to fizzle out, go dark and be extinguished.
They will flare brightly, and just as intensely seem to flicker out and be over, but…they may not be ending at all.

Oddly and out of the blue, and, Unlikely as it is, they could be strangely and suddenly rekindled.
Like the glowing ember under a pile of cold ashes, you’ll probably have to tend that ember into a glowing flame again and again—if you want to toast your little marshmallow now and then.
Which you probably will.

But don’t blame me. You can thank that Fairy Godmother of yours, who for some reason or other keeps sticking her magic wand into your business.

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Oh my Goodness! I love this, Michael. Just, WOW~ and Oh my Hell! Hahaha…

to the fairy godmother of hope! Thankyou for that

Beautiful ! Gently bring it on ! Calling on grace.. It’s a little bit exciting though.

Ouch, Mikey. My marshmallow is pretty toasted for sure. Only, it seems the whole stick caught on fire and is threatening to burn the house down…

We met once when I interviewed you in Brisbane Australia. You told me about the 75 Virgos.
This eclipse…sheeesh.

Love your work.

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