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Although We published this months ago, In these last moments of Jupiter in libra check it out.

Support exactly where you need it most!
Jupiter goes direct in the sign of Libra.
Show gratitude and rejoice, while keeping in mind the big picture.
Jupiter opposite Uranus square Pluto: this could be the addition of diplomacy into a dangerous and potential disastrous situation. It can add just the touch of gentleness and humanity that can avert a serious rift.

Because Jupiter represents expansion, configured with Uranus and Pluto it can also add to an already existing condition, and indicate a wild spread – – right while you are thinking a problem is getting solved.
Jupiter signals the implementation of new or experimental measures to improve a pre-existing condition. It always inspires new hope.
What you must remember is that the alleviation of symptoms will always add a new quality of life. You got to bear in mind, however, that the slower moving planets like Uranus and Pluto, last longer in their effects and are not always readily visible during the change of Jupiter motion.

But there is no question that Jupiter adds a better attitude, which in turn promotes healing in both physical and mental problems.
As we have been saying, Jupiter also promotes growth and spread, so each case must always be considerate of the individual involved – separately with a history and story of his or her own. If you perceive grandiosity and zealous beliefs in one’s cause or mission – – that’s reason to be wary, mainly because it’s the stuff that suicide bombers have built upon.

Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, is not all wine and rose, so you always have to be aware of the difference between creative, productive, powerful, optimistic, and sincere workers and service individuals and just plain bullshitters and nut jobs. You always have to watch out for when people promise miracles.
It is, however, the introduction of hope into any situation. Let us not minimize that. No question, Jupiter going direct is probably the most positive Astrological event that can happen to anybody. If you were born with it in your natal horoscope or you experience by progressions, you are definitely one of the lucky ones.
Is it luck, though? If a stationary direct Jupiter by progress occurred, make a note of the year that it did occur and celebrate that event connected with that period of your life, and every year of the rest of your life–whenever Jupiter goes direct by transit as it does every year.
It will always signal one of the most positive turns in your entire incarnation.
But it is not just luck. When you experience a personal growth or awareness of greater generosity of spirit, you deserve the luck you get. Whatever happens, good is always enhanced and evil lessened.

You gain a more philosophical approach and you recognize the fact that everything that happens adds to your knowledge, wisdom and human generosity.
It’s the blessing of the angels, protection from above, an offer of companionship. Once again however you must always consider the position and strength of your own birth Jupiter.
Configured with Uranus and Pluto it is highly volatile and could cause you to expect too much.

But this is a moment you will want to remember for a long time.
We are not alone. If you look around you will be able to reach out for another hand to grasp, and there will be one to reach out to you as well. If you need a break, you get it, so show gratitude.

Sounds absolutely wonderful but there’s not a catch or anything in there is there? You bet there is.

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That is what I’m weary of. There is always a catch. 😔

sounds absolutely wonderful and sorely needed

catch and all

I’m a Scorpio so I think and hope I will be unscathed !

U just had to drop the “catch” bomb, hey Mikey?? Good thanks!! 😆

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