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Weekly and beyond 15 january

WEEKLY AND BEYOND 15 january 2018

Capricorn Capricorn rising
The Neptune Chiron effect is operating for Capricorns too, and believe me, you poop out when nobody’s looking same as everybody else. One thing, though,
You have more reserves to remain fired up on all cylinders, and during those periods nothing stops you. God help us all.

Aries Aries rising
Even though you may be secretly nervous, expecting a grand piano to fall out of a second-story window just well you’re passing beneath it, you amaze us all with your chutzpah and Energizer Bunny Ceaseless running around, and even sticking your tongue out right in the face of death. So ballsy .

Pisces Pisces rising
It’s amazing. So struggling as you are with fragility and doubt,  shaky as you are a lot of the time, anyone who knows you has slapped their forehead and seen how you exhibit an astonishing ability to recover and go on with a dedication that absolutely has to come from heaven.


Virgo Virgo rising
Despite any heartbreak or self deception, disillusion, trickery or disappointments in relationships, an unstoppable urge to go on loving drives you onward. Bristling with creativity and even bursts of sexual energy, it’s wild, mainly because that old-fashioned Virgo prudish stereotype went out the window with your underpants.

Scorpio Scorpio rising
So you see, it’s a balance between determination and exhaustion. You have to be careful though. You need to remember that you’re not going to fall down right in the middle of one of your “performances“. You have to be grateful for your mobility and your power of creative communication. Just remember to include love and compassion so you don’t become a big shot know-it-all.

Aquarius Aquarius rising
We understand that going through a South node transit is usually difficult and produces several different sides of a personality conflict. You’re usually scared you’ll become too dependent, especially if you get hysterical about money. Just remember: professionalism and dedication are just as strong factors to pull you out of the dumpster where you sometimes think you’re headed.

Gemini Gemini rising
Efforts and practices of good health and hygiene will appreciably reduce  every sort of anxiety you’ve got from financial to total wipeout. People can see that part of you is hobbling around aa if you’re on your last leg. Funny, though. You’re actually able to get around much better than you appear – – mainly because your mind is always stronger to keep you going more consistently than half the people who claim to be healthier than you.

Cancer Cancer rising
It’s so odd, isn’t it? There are people in your life who once seemed so attractive you couldn’t live without them. And whether they are near to you were far away, they could the same people today sometimes you wish you could escape from. It’s the power of Saturn in your seventh house now. You need them even now. Nomatter what sandy beach or monastery you Flee to, they are still right there in front of you.

Leo Leo rising
Some members of your noble sign have gotten pretty nervous lately about their sexual attractiveness. It has affected their behavior strongly, especially if they’ve become over concerned with what people think of them. That could send them overboard with your actions. It’s just an issue of what goes on in your own head, how healthy lifestyle is and how well you can understand and except that in this life, dammit, everything comes and goes.

Sagittarius Sagittarius rising
Although it may seem daunting, pulling yourself together financially will be a piece of cake, compared to the three or four years you have just spent hanging onto the ledge of the building 35 stories above the city. Passions for living and loving renew. You’re back, God bless you. Now all you have to do is get out of bed and clean up the place. But don’t worry.
Someone will come out of nowhere to help you.

Libra Libra rising
It’s been up-and-down all right. As soon as you were sure you were all alone with nobody who gave a damn to help, and angel appeared. Life‘s ironic though, mainly because when you became too dependent, you got helpless, and the angel took off. Your health depends not so
Much on who is there to help you, but your mental powers of wellness— don’t laugh– – a strong factor. Comfort is hard to come by unless you make the cave you’re living in into a home.

Taurus Taurus rising
You don’t have a map to guide you now but you don’t need one. There’s no clear-cut goal – – you do what you can for the less fortunate and try not to lose all faith and where we are going as a species. So you probably shouldn’t watch TV. This is a strange year for all Tauruses, where the test of faith can either keep you sane or drive you nuts. Liberation and freedom around the corner even if the cost of it seems frightening.

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Always grateful for your insight Michael, thank you.

Spot on for this Libra, as I gradually clean my home after a bout of pneumonia. Thank you.

I love what you say about Sagittarius! Thanks! Frances.

Thanks Michael! Yes that dumpster was looming, I had feared.. Just got pulled out in the nick of time! Phew! 🙂

Michael, it’s like you are a mouse in my house, seeing and hearing everything that is going on! From a near death diagnosis, to a re-shuffling of my finances to a near purging of them by hackers! You are a Magi !

No one knows better then you ,what is going on in my life. You are just like a close friend.

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