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Before you read another word I want to thank you for looking at this introduction of new material. It’s on the honor system and we’re asking you not to show this material around or copy any of this is for you for being at LUPOVICI’s club.

Got to say also though that this material is copyrighted in the name of Michael Lutin And it’s not to be copied sold or distributed in any medium in existence now or developed  forever in the future throughout the galaxy without the express permission to Michael Lutin or his representatives .


Now dig your teeth  into this:









It’s getting to the point now where it’s not funny any more.










I took this job because I thought it would be fun. Also I had absolutely nothing else to do, no ideas and nowhere else to go. In fact I actually got myself lost and abandoned and found myself wandering on a road between two worlds. So you could probably say I was kind of open to change. Cartoons and modern career girl romances helped, and I owe everything to the guys over at Himalayan Tech. Without them….

My last two books, “The Vinyl Solution”, a study of the alien presence in post World War II America, “The Gospel of Jailoo”, and hadn’t been published yet, so they could see I was already fascinated with the human problem anyway.

Who is they?

I’ll get to that.

My name is Michael Lutin, and I use astrology to unscramble the brains of and entertain the sentient beings on Earth. Me? I’m pretty Xeno myself.  But being in the flesh? Yummy. I enjoy every minute of drinking in the scent of being alive on Earth, which makes it nice, because well…if you’ve ever been human…you know.

You can’t imagine the spidery tangles of electrified neuropathological jambalaya I encounter in this wonderful job.  When you accept a life as a human, probably the only word to describe it in New York terms is, “Oy!” You slip into this body and whaaaa! The canoe slides off the bank into a sea of sensations and experiences impossible to control. It’s hard to keep your mind on what you supposed to be doing with all the sweet distractions to sniff, snort, swallow and rub yourself up against. I’d bet ninety nine percent of people have no freakin’ idea what they are in for when they get here.

At least if you’re at all hip to it, you say, “OK, I’ll take it on. Could be cool.” That way at least you know the shit that awaits you. Which I totally did, or thought I did, although when you are smack in the throes of it, and you are munching on a pizza with everything, you do tend to forget why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing. So you can imagine the conditions I have to work in sometimes.

Some people know. A lot of people know, but they are probably xenos too, the ones on this planet who understand all those things together. To just finding folks to have coffee with while keeping the job going takes energy, which I’m lucky to have a lot of. That’s why I have to go to bed pretty early, at least when I’m not up all night wandering the dark hallways of unconsciousness.

So here are some of the things I think I need to talk about in this book and make clear about why it’s all desperately relevant to everybody right now, and exactly how I go about doing what I do.

  1. The human brain and how it is tied into the pituitary gland, the whole endocrine system and the stars and planets
  2. Astrology and Evolution
  3. The formation of solar systems (Panspermia is not a porn movie.  Intelligent beings are every where).
  4. Time: what it isn’t and what it is
  5. Horoscopes and how to decipher them
  6. Past lives, present lives, future lives,
  7. Why we are here and where we are going
  8. Human Rising how and how other things that are swimming around under the surface.

I think I have to do this now, mainly because a lot of humans are dragging their feet, and it’s getting to the point where it’s not funny any more. Earth people have been caught up in a dizzying stream of something more powerful than a million million trillion bolts of lightning striking all their heads and hearts at once. They don’t know what to do and they’re running around buying things and going crazy laughing at television shows that aren’t at all funny.

This is a quantum leap and of course not everybody is in the same place at the same time in their consciousness, so not everybody will get the joke and come on the hayride. Others will fall sadly under the wheels.

It would be wonderful if as many people as possible are on the wagon, but if it’s only those who see the benefit of moving ahead. Well, you can only do what you can do. Nothing more.

But where are we going?

And who is the “they” referred to earlier?

“What’s a xeno?

I’ll get to all that. First I want to speak of all my scientific credentials.  I flunked chemistry in college, almost blew up the chem lab and poured sulfuric acid all over Professor Bobko’s shoe (he was cute about it, though).  And physics? When the teacher asked how a toaster makes toaster, it took me forever to answer. I thought about it and thought about it, and even after a semester of studying electricity, I answered, “Witchcraft.”

Had to be.

How else could you put a piece of bread in a metal box take a piece of rubber chord attached to the box and stick it in the wall and get toast?

Had to be magic.

So pardon me, but I have done a lot of studying since then, so in the pages that follow, you will have my full version of the reality of the magic of our cosmos, at least as I see it.. Cosmological, multiverses, black holes, all terms we hear tossed around to describe everything we just don’t know.

Hey, you want to get a nice big headache before we start? Go lie out on the grass some starry, summer night. Look up and try to figure it all out.  You’ll likely get kind of sick to your stomach. It’s almost as if there’s a little voice planted in every human ear that whispers, “DO NOT think about this.  You’d better not. You’ll throw up. It’s too scary. THIS IS A WARNING. Go no further unless you are ready to have your head explode from a very big secret.”

So then you just go in the house and turn on the TV. Plug yourself into your own head with some loud angry music.

It’s easier.

In this book I think we should be daring, even if we get a little sick to our stomachs, and go all the way.  Well, not ALL the way, but far out enough so our minds throb with the excitement of discovery. And then slowly we will bring ourselves back to more personal and practical aspects of how best we can live our lives here on earth.



Copyright Michael Lutin 2017


This material may not be copy or used in any existing or future format for any reason without the express permission of Michael Lutin or his representatives.




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I am with you, Michael. I am along for the ride. BTW, there is nothing to be frightened of as long as you approach everything with unconditional love. It’s the only super power that actually exists even though most beings on this planet have absolutely no clue.

This is wonderful! You can’t write it fast enough – i can’t wait and want to read it all right now.

Oh this is gonna be goooood.

And the right time for me at least, since I’m one of those who’s totally aware that they’ve lost themselves and need this now.

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