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A page is about to turn

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Quite literally in my case. I’m revising my novel, getting it ready for lift-off .

Surrendering my house to the bank. Apparently that’s better than a foreclosure?? Anyway, as of 5pm tomorrow my home of 16yrs is no longer mine. It’s more than the turn of a page, it’s a whole new chapter. Saggitarian sun, Pisces rising, Leo moon…

hey far out Mikey. Nailed it again! I never handed over my keys. I still got them, still got access to my house… There was no explosion when I turned the key, no bucket of custard above the door waiting to sloppy yellow whoever dare enter, not even a cheap feral sniper chain smoking across the road?? Damn cool. Home Sweet Home

In general I have very good impression and feeling! On the whole this can be considered as one of the most important post for students, keep in touch!

My office announced today that they are closing down. That’s definitely turn of a page!

About to publish my third novel though waiting for the Retrograde to end. More significantly, my husband and I have been contemplating retiring and moving to our condo in Florida. He is finishing up his career this summer. We hate to leave our kids and grandchildren but it is very expensive to maintain a place to live in the northeast. Trying all kinds of scenarios. Hoping for some resolution soon!

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