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Major kick in the head?

You can Act like one of those annoying people who deny the recent enlightening kick in the head you’ve received (and given), and pretend everything is always wonderful , but when Chiron happens, usually ALL MAJOR RELATIONSHIPS HAVE TO BE RENEGOTIATED.  Since Chiron  is going to be hanging around zero for months, know this: any individual you believe hurt or violated your trust or space feels just as wounded in his her own way. You can either use recent events to justify separation and alienation, or the opposite—-grow closer and more respectful as adults.

This is going to take work. Im not kidding.

 Stay tuned.

Comments (7)

So true and accurate. Like always.

Peace in the valley holds a thunderous sound of weary folks laying arms to ground.

Thank you for that. Came in handy.

Nailed it.

On the money.

Yes the kick in the head feels absolutely right.

There is too ,the kick to the gut; when you wish to puke all away
What was I thinking !
Or dreaming!!
I am going to pinch myself every morning .
To remind me,
That often that fuzzy bird Singing is ready to shit in my eye !!
I need to leave dreams
In Lala land,
And invest in my tangible day.
That pinch ,to feel
The pain of some dreams and the shame
Of acting stupid!

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