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Full moon in scorpio ‘18


This Full Moon is about surveillance and policing yourself. It’s about your ability to contain your desires and postpone gratification for more creative outlet. It’s not, as some people think, all about wanton sex and spicy food. This year it’s different. More serious. More committed.
Yes, it’s a full moon in Scorpio again. Ruled this year by Mars and Pluto yet both disposed of by Saturn in Capricorn. That adds focus, which is good, because you know you’ve been scattering your energy. Your anxiety level has been rather high so you’ve been jumping around thinking you’re just bored easily.
This Full Moon adds weight, thanks to The ever present reality check of Saturn in Capricorn. Although Death and sex are never far from the mind of course, this year Saturn adds weight, sincerity, serious intent and gravity to your actions. If you actually have found someone with whom you are sexually compatible, all you have to do is be brave and face the truth of what you are seeking for sexual and emotional gratification, and you’ve got a good thing going.
Financially be aware there are only two colors now. You’re either in the black or you’re in the red.

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I luv where and the depth to which you have been bringing your messages
Thank you

Well, knock me over with a feather.

There is a Robin Trower song entitled Black to Red. Been listening to it and now reading this post. Synchronicity or Coincidence?

Hey Micheal true words spoken. Continue to keep your fans open to guidance

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