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A little Unsure of yourself?

So odd, isn’t it? So many things you’ve always taken for granted about yourself and found confidence in – – your looks, your talent, job, resources, relationships or whatever—suddenly you’re feeling  vulnerable and unsure…don’t worry. We’ll tackle that. It’s just Chiron and baby’s first steps.

Like being on another planet. Gotta watch your step.

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Are you in my head?

Tha’st what it is!

Makes me think of those long hallways on a cruise ship, can give you vertigo,of course the feeling of every door shutting at You?
But then you reach your room,
Your sun drenched room,with all that blue on blue
When I feel this
I know with a little faith
I will be fine, even when
The baby in me feels like crawling crying
And napping,
But today I am going
To plant some seeds!
That Scorpio moon.

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