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News at zero

The Mars transit over the zero aquarius point is a harbinger of the Pluto transit on that point the next few years. This represents a transformation in society and human social, cultural, political and financial evolution.

What’s happening today and this week will impact that 2020 election in ways we cannot imagine it now. 

We are all involved in a process That will change life on Earlth in as yet unimaginable ways.

The US presidential election of 2016 took place during this Mars transit, and has energized this point. Some people see it some people don’t.

It bears watching now each time any Planetary body occurs there  as Pluto approaches the same zodiacal degree.

That’s how Pluto works.  The unexpected twist in the US Election of 2016 Started the process. From now on, events in the news at such points   As zero Aquarius impact the future in ways that become clear as time goes on. Keep an eye on zero Aquarius. Not necessarily the drink.

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Your Zero Aquarius can is really cool!! By the way, if you didn’t know it before I am a devout Trump supporter. I believe his surprise win was because people were fed up with ‘business as usual’. Who knows if he can MAGA, we didn’t want HRC.

After re-re-re-reading your 2006 Vanity post which is poetically and scaring right, I wish that the zero in Aquarius can bring us a bit of of Aquarius’s desire for freedom, equality and good for all.

I see it. The curtain is intentionally transparent for those with open eyes and the courage to act on their calling in this real life play unfolding before us.

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players” ~ Shakespeare

With respect: She won the poplar vote, that’s not “nobody”. As a matter of FACT- Popular vote WON by almost 3 Million votes who wanted HER.
Great insight on the sensitive point of ♒. Thank you for your keen insight.

Debbie Johnson

Ditto to Patti’s comment…I am a trump supporter to, even though he isnt the best speaker, and I dont have the greatest personal feelings about him, regardless
he is making possitive matter what the BS news says! We that pay attention know.. Changes are welcome here. As a 61 yrs old woman I am more then ready for change! Bring it on!!

I am not a Trump supporter. The opposite. And this week like most weeks showed his utter lack of integrity which will lead to something in November. The world is at a tipping point. I wish all people had a respect for science and the precarious moment the world is at instead of xenophobia and regressive nostalgia. You are made of atoms. Not a single one is better, or more right than any other. No one is better than the dirt they stand on. I implore like, see past the childish high school football metality of red shirt vs blue shirt for everyone’s sake.

;–) From my european point of view – after the election of Trump – it looked simply, that america seems to be furthermore the land of the borderless possibilities. And I really don’t like the way he is DOING. But in his function as BEING the mighty sign he represents as the elected POTUS – I believe in the old wisdom: The right signs have not to be the sympatical ones!

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