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Venus Mars the perfect couple

The planetary archetype of this current transit suggests such a corny stereotype I almost dare not use it, but It’s too perfect to resist (Don’ be fooled by the cliché of gender.)
Venus north node Leo opposition Mars South node Aquarius
It suggests a glamorous, beautiful, loving, narcissistic, affectionate woman up against a man-going crazy from being trapped in a situation of bondage he himself has created.
Big questions– –How far do you go in the effort to save people from themselves and their destiny? And…can you accept what you are inevitably drawn to?

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The timing of this message is so eerie that it is borderline-not-funny

Spot on – exactly my situation. I have to say, Michael, your messages always capture the core of what’s going on in my life. Love your intuitive style. Thanks!

How do you manage to hit the nail on the head time and time again ? 🤔 This one is the ultimate. Hope Aunt Tilly survives all this madness. 😊

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