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20 june 18 week ahead

JUNE 20 ‘18 The week ahead
Of course it’s complicated by the fact that you are probably by now so sick of all the crapola going on in the world, that at this point you would probably like to chill out somewhere on a deserted beach and the nearest asteroid.
The entrance of the Sun into Cancer defines the need for peace and quiet and tranquility, but it bumps right into Saturn. So your life responsibilities remind you there’s no place to go – – at least right now.
On top of that Pluto on its own south node provides a backdrop for a dark shadow over the whole world. It jeopardizes the survival and evolution of the human race no kidding. Historically it has never been a pretty part of human behavior.

So each of us Has to be strong not to give into that. not to be sucked into the hole, but to be able to continue and to find love and joy in the things in life we appreciate. Even if the world is drowning in an ocean of deceit and duplicity , we all have to see with greater perspective. As a people as a species we are all participating in a change in value system that will affect our businesses, our personal lives and our whole concept of security And the pursuit of happiness.
What we can be thankful for  – this is good news,what is oddly stabilizing and paradoxical is the fact that Uranus Saturn and PlutoAre currently transiting in earth signs. . Although the terrain is Rocky and sometimes shaking right under your feet, the combination of those three bodies in Taurus Virgo and Capricorn, will always find a way to shore up business, keep yourself and others going and healthy, and stabilize your personal life to of lessen and avert
anxiety about the future.
If you can keep focused and do just the very next thing on the list you have to do without looking too far ahead it will lead you forward way better than any magical thinking of just plain hope will do.
So you do need perspective anyway.
the coming station of Mars is likely cause a traffic jam in your head. As the earth passes Mars now, it may seem and feel as if you are all tied up like a wild animal stuck in a trap. This is where we need patience and forethought before we call the little men in the white coats to take us to the funny farm. Handling the Mars retrograde over the South node transit (see the message)
will bring you forward again in September. Stay tuned and we promise to keep you posted on the 0° Aquarius point which is bringing us all closer to a revolution of thought and action
You should already have this message but if you don’t please get it now you’ll be happy you did.