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Tangled up and out of alignment?

It’s not just Aquarians who are totally out of it with Mars in their sign going retrograde. Many individuals are likely to be blown away over the next couple of months – and not just because there’s a planet-wide dust storm on Mars  right now.

All of us earthlings one way or another could be knocked for a major loop by this transit. Life is funny, though, you get whacked on the noggin on one side of your head and kissed on the cheek up byanother. At the same time Mars  is screwing up the works and jamming the machinery, the direct motion of Jupiter trine Neptune will act like a miracle come true. So while we are all stuck in our incarnation in the body to work things out, it’s never all bad are all good. Jupiter will trine Neptune in the next several weeks but will linger on until several months from now. And it means love on a spiritual level with much serendipityIn your life.

Mars, however, is now moving retrograde, out of bounds, square to the planet Uranus and approaching the degree zero of Aquarius once again.

This represents the further division of political alliances, the threat of world economic collapse and explosive irruption’s and irritations of all kinds, while Jupiter trine  Neptune brings healing power- – like a nurse on the battlefield.

The miracle, of course, is the ability to feel loving, even to sing in the shower and expressive happiness in spite of everything going on. It can show your living life fully and having a heart while taking your lumps. And the most transit is major lumps.

Jupiter Neptune is a little bit of heaven and easier sailing at the same time. It represents gifts presented to you by an unseen hand in the streak of luck. It culminates in August but will linger well until the end of the year. The thing about all of this is that my description of planetary aspects leaves open each of our own projections for good or evil. It is way too easy to inflate any meaning to suit our particular moods at any given time.

When we tell people to be careful, when Mars  is in Aquarius shit happens.  While we all understand what a big drag a pile of retrogrades can create it’s much wiser to remember that retrogrades are the opportunity to achieve mastery because there are no shortcuts in life. Retrogrades demand mastery.

Everything is a strain now, so try to go easy. Don’t push too hard nothing is worth getting a hernia over.  And if you don’ t have it yet..

And if you dont have it yet,                                           get the Mars message now.

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Nicely laid out explanation, Mikey. It’s why staying calm when someone screams “FIRE” in a movie theater is better than panicking and breaking your leg climbing over people trying to get to the exit when there were 2 other exits that you didn’t see because you were too scared to notice.

Tangled up and out of alignment is right on, Michael. Don’t worry, I won’t whine! Thanks for the above! Frances.

tangled like vines,scared like the cat who got shut in the closet,arggh!Is this the time to shake the dice Oh great wizard can you see my future?I am the cautious too cautious too ,222 ,can someone throw me a 7,guess that’s me and its probably wise for me to listen to that nervous child inside even at 59

Accurate! As always.
Thanks .

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