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Can Jupiter save us from panic?

10 july 2018

Is Jupiter strong enough to lead us from darkness to light?


Some people say that Jupiter rules complacency. It’s a way of copping out of any situation by pinning a wash of unrealistic hopes over a harsher, inescapable reality.
Denial and rationalization?  Jupiter gives us the power to inure  ourselves against bad news and the uncanny ability talk our way out of a  murder charge  and get  it reduced to a parking ticket.
Right now Jupiter provides us all with a way of healing and recovering and reconstructing much more than we had three or four years ago. And who knows? It may be enough to pull ourselves out of  one of the greatest if not the greatest existential crises we’ve ever experienced.
With so much insane crapola going on, is it crazy to paint a wash of hope on this direct motion of Jupiter? Is it childish magical thinking that some miracle can wipe away the  hard decisions we have to make and things we have to face, plus the uncertainty in the shadows that block our light? Maybe there is some element of this transit that throws us a life vest  just at the right moment.
 Make no mistake about it there are dark forces hanging around on the street corner of our minds, like seductive drug dealers trying to hook us all on a snort or two of false hope.  And we all still have our grief and struggles to deal with up ahead.
Got a watch out for that, mainly because some beings – I won’t dignify them by calling them human – in power now – political leaders, corporate heads, and maybe some folks sitting right next to you at your neighborhood garden club meeting – they are there to garner power and plant seeds of unrest, doubt and mistrust all in the name of the leadership. There are some figures also swaying gently to the music like palm trees in a gentle breeze, winking and offering to teach you the tango.
Got a watch out though. Pluto at the South node is a low vibration on a low low frequency. Humanity is in a vulnerable state and we have to hang onto the higher, more positive opportunities and hang on for dear life.
There is however a special Astrological reason I think this particular Jupiter transit is special.
Oh I know. Jupiter is always there to get our minds off pain and sprinkle a diabetic meal with sugar and tell you a treat once in a while can’t hurt, or remind you that your fall from the third story window was a chance to experience weightlessness. No there’s a different reason for this particular transit of Jupiter it is passing through the decans of its own rulership, dignity and Astrological exaltation and I believe that provides an unusual stroke of luck.
Of course we have to consider the boundaries of your own karmic potential and limitations. If you currently weigh 800 pounds in the last time you moved off the couch was Christmas 2003, you’re not going to get up and win at Wimbledon.
But I do believe in some miracles —miracles that begin with authentic intention supported by heartfelt commitment. So here’s a chance to see if we can really turn to old man Jupiter, and, like a doting grandfather will lift our spirits with the flick of his   forefinger and give us another chance to prove one sweet taste of life.k

Aries Aries Rising

This is a gift you don’t have to work for, mainly because you earned it long ago and the Universe is just getting caught up enough to return the favor and pay the debt. In the form of legacies, returns, rents gain from partnerships, even will and court- ordered payments to you for services rendered.

Even  if you are flying blind and can’t see 2 feet in front of you or you are being hassled by government snoops or corporate raiders, you don’t have to worry about your financial security being scooped up by government snoops or corporate raiders.  Somebody is looking out for you.

Taurus Taurus Rising

With Uranus in your sign, as tightly as it stretches your nerves, it’s also exciting to become aware of options you were sure you had run out of.  Professionally at the moment it probably sucks big time, mainly because you’ve become aware that the bus you are riding on is careening full speed around cliff-hanging corner with essentially no competent driver at the wheel, and screaming doesn’t seem to be much help.

Calling on  in your “higher mind” may seem pointless but it’s actually the way to success at this point.  Intelligence, insistence of truth, and understanding with perspective what the law says and what you know to be, based on what is right is the key here.  Plus you have a major supporter in all of this.  Even open adversaries have to agree that you deserve to be granted some rewards for all that have come before.

When  you think back to 2014-15, a yin-yang you’ve got to see how grateful you should be to be linked with people who relieve a huge percentage of the burden and actually rend your life livable.  To what extent, we shall see.

Gemini Gemini Rising

The Moon Pluto oppisition  is scary, of course.  When you’re constantly aware of that big bird sitting on the windowsill, just itching to carry you off in its sharp beak. . . what bird? Please, itsPluto dressed for Halloween in July.  Anxiety about the future is totally natural now, unless you’ve already graduated with the classmates from we-accept-that-all-is-an-impermanent- illusion” school.

No joke.  It’s okay to live with that uncertainty or a day-to-day basis.  Actually, we all do, except you have a better view of it than the rest of us right now.  The current strength of Jupiter being debilitated  in some astrological circles is debatable.

I, however, regard also the physical evidence and see how stubbornly healthy and strong you are.  Taking good care of yourself, finding competent, hip caretakers and professionals helps immeasurably in blowing the minds of loved ones who see how you spring back and continue to function creatively and healthily.  God bless you and keep you for that.

Cancer Cancer Rising

Part of you has salted away enough provisions to feed yourself and your loved ones in the bomb shelter for years, so you know you’re ok, but a long Lunar Eclipse in the solar 7th house is a definite challenge to your security, mainly because you’re not exactly in charge of the world bank or have a solution to the unmentionable alien problem.  So naturally you are on edge, just like the rest of.  One advantage you have is that every month when the Moon is conjunct Pluto and opposite the Sun, you go through this challenge so you’re actually more familiar with and accustomed to the experience of dread.

The transit of Jupiter is a good one- not just for winning at poker, well that too.  It is the sense of feeling lucky in spite of everything.  If you’ve got kids, at least one of them remembers your birthday, and you have it in your heart to feel grateful, loving and actually happy no matter what.  Love still exists and the fact that you’re able to express it.  Love affair? Yes, but, you’re still in involved from 2008, no?

Leo Leo Rising

With all the headaches and hassles we all get from family relations, you also have to be thankful for the bonds that are truly unbreakable.

Work may be impossibly demanding right now and seemingly squeezing you into submission if you even still are in the work force.  Relationship-wise you may still be telling yourself all is well there and it’s all cool , but inside you hear and you know you’ve been asking yourself if it’s worth it or does being on your own promise a life of less angst.  There’s really no answer to that, except if your public image demands a certain kind of relationship, you have to put up with A LOT!

Standing alone is hard, but sometimes that’s the right call, especially if you’ve got problems with detractors and critics who see you as childish or narcissist or anti-social.

All things considered, however, you’ve got intimate connections with those you call family who open their doors to you, offer their table and bring you the safest kind of shelter they can.

Stand alone if you have to, but stand proudly alone.  

Virgo Vigo Rising

We know you’re dealing with getting out of debt and the ongoing conflict between compassion and companionship.  That’s all going to take time, work, diligence and patience. Try to put as much faith in the Universal Plan as you can  in eating healthily on a consistent basis and you’ll  restore balance. Being on speaking terms with siblings and relatives is not just another corny,  platitude however. Keeping  the lines open is tantamount to maintaining contacts. Otherwise you go back to a shriveling silence that alienates you, and hampers your mobility.  So keep communicating.  It may be seen as superficial, sometimes, but remember this.  If you listen with your third ear to what is really going on beneath the surface, an authentic dynamic will help to solve the whole crisis you don’t want to talk about.  

Libra Libra Rising

Love and family? Relationships? The stuff that soap operas have been built on since the old radio days when out of wedlock babies and divorces were shocking.  Nowadays the definitions of what constituted a typical normal family no longer exist.  For a card-carrying Libra with traditional family values, you have had to redesign your own concept of what “normalcy” is, in the area of family and personal relationships.  

And that takes enormous adjustments and a huge amount of fudging.  Money isn’t everything, and certainly does not eradicate the issues that have surfaced in recent years and months.  It does definitely help to alienate pressures and anxieties.  We’re not suggesting that throwing money at problems solves it, but at the present it has positive effects on all negotiations.

Besides, the prudent allocation of financial resources is way more than a distraction from emotional abandonment.  It actually gives you the confidence to deal successful with everything else.  

Scorpio Scropio Rising

Jupiter in your sign is more than the ability to convince yourself that you should eat more pasta and cookies.  It is your unswerving devotion to brightening the world around you and showing colleagues and associates that there is something real and beautiful to live for.

We all know how dark, dismal and grim you can get.  Partly because  of what  you  went through in ‘14-15.  But this is a different, more healing time.  This is your moment to pull a family of rabbits out of your magician’s hat.  You don’t have to walk a tightrope between two skyscrapers to prove to everyone that we are  all equipped with the creative imaginations to open locked doors to new vistas of possibilities through earnest optimism: setting a positive example doesn’t mean you claim to walk on water, but whoever needs a boost also needs a kick in the pants, which only a Scorpio can give effectively.

sagittarius  Sagittarius Rising

Proving  yourself on a material level has been an ongoing effort –

Not so much to be the richest person in the world, but to manifest your dreams on the physical plane.  Talk is cheap and what matters is performance and the result of an almost super human effort.

You are  getting these pretty enormous emotionally charged changes which will eventually set you free from past tragedy that goes back yearsIt represents a tie that was not properly cut- although “properly” is an unfair adjustment call.  Whatever it was, this is the chance to heal it.

Jupiter is in your 12th house is the blessing of God Almighty if you believe in such things.  If it suits you better we can say Jupiter direct is the moment of inner joy and forgiveness, which opens the door for blessings and miracles that come from unexpected and unknown sources.

Grace, encourages you to add complete surrender and faith to your struggles and efforts and allows you to take the break to relaxation you so sorely need.  Secret happiness is not only fun it’s the real key toward relief. You need it.

Capricorn Capricorn Rising

During this eclipse period  you should be able to see the truth that not   everybody sees,  even tho you are a human being, vulnerable, a subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.  Capricorns too live in physical bodies and as such have both functional stamina others don’t possess, but have moments when repose and repair are called for.  That’s probably an advantage of these Lunar Eclipses- its lights out while the engineers are called into replace the bulbs.  

Your most unfavorite thing is to depend on others, but it’s so healing to allow yourself to be nurtured when stressed as you are now.  

Money is always an issue and so it is now as Saturn is retrograded in Capricorn for the next couple of months, so asking you to be cool and just live off your fat may not exactly cut it.

There  is at least, one loyal friend you should be grateful for and show it.  Eventually with all your preoccupations with yourself now, these associations will show you what a higher non-romantic love is all about.  Career revenues will flourish after all of your generosity to the humans will pay off.

Aquarius Aquarius Rising

Definitely  a struggle during this Mars retrograde transit in your sign.  And the eclipse is in your solar twelfth house.  What a drag.  The usual spark of ingenious spontaneity seems to be not kicking in, and the more you kick and fight, the less you seem to accomplish.  All is far from lost however.

Pluto in your twelfth will be eclipsing Moon and South Node in Aquarius could easily make a lesser being think he or she is all washed up, finished, caput.  But all is far from lost.  Despite you flagging enthusiasm and self-absorbed self-criticism.  

The North Node in your solar seventh house proves that people have not given up on you for lost.  Quite the contrary.  Just when you need them, they will be there.

To top it off, Jupiter going direct at the culminating point upon your solar chart indicates that, contrary to any negativity you may have been projecting lately, offers are pouring in.  This has got to remind you that you don’t have to carry the burden alone or think “failure,” when the truth is you have only barely begun.

Pisces  Pisces Rising

As usual when you let a miracle happen, you leave room for it to do so.

You are  not totally free to move around as you would like and you’re not sure who’s exactly a friend you can trust, and yet everybody’s telling you to let go and trust.  All kind of annoying things. That one ability to trust  has got  to happen  and will probably run through that psychic super psychedelic imagination of yours. But  here’s something that might be of value now: the planetary ruler of both your solar 10th house and dignified ruler of your Sun sign, is passing through the house of your astrological chart, and transiting the 9th house.

So that means that the disaster movie you’re playing in your head, abandonment fears and all, cannot harm you as your intelligence is greater than your fears.  

Despite  the appearance of present reality, your optimism is well founded and not trumped up by denial.  There is a higher Truth, a transcendent reality in which you are participating with the cooperation of both your planetary rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

Please, pray for the rest of us.

Comments (14)

It is so unbelievable that You know exactly what’s going on in my life and people around me.
I am so… grateful to you.

I love you Michael. You make me laugh and cry at the same time.
Blessings to you.

Thank you for your wisdom.

Thank you, thank you. Your words were absolutely perfect for what I’ve been thinking and going through. Pisces, here, and I WILL pray for everyone!

As a rising sign Sagittarius ,
I want to believe in all u wrote wholeheartedly 🙂
Thanks a million Mikey for relieving message that really makes me calm down ,especially the secret happiness key 🙂

Brilliant comme toujours ..totally brilliant

Hi Michael. Hvg been an Astrologer/Medium workg and living in the Middle East for the past forty odd years…U hv always followed yr.books an columns. As a Scorp w Scorp rising and 6planets and Kiron all in my 1st hse…with Saturn ..Pluto and Moon in my 10th….uranus an N Node in the 8th….thus last 5yrs hv been v challengg. My real mission is just abt to burst out…at 72yrs old….sure hope i’m ip for it. Love all yr info an tks for givg us ‘cut thro’ the crap astrology’…with my Merc in Saggy I also do!!! Sendg much lv…light and Angels over xxx Judy

Capricorn Sun with Scorpio Rising and Aquarius Moon – all at 24-26 degrees. Is it understandable that I feel totally and utterly CONFUSED right now? Btw Michael, I’ve been reading you for years and your book “SunShines” is still one of my “go-to” astrology books (the most accurate I’ve ever read).

Low dark energy with Pluto on the South Node? People who don’t qualify to be called human who destructively disrupt for their gain? Were you talking about today’s big political summit (coughs “farce”) in Helsinki in advance? If you have additional insight to share about that, do tell.

So true and so healing.Yes Jupiter has saved me from the depths of despair many a times over.
Your analysis on situations and aspects always has been an eye opener.

Bingo! That one paragraph in Sadge/Sadge rising hit the nail right on the head and reminded me that I knew this but had tucked it in the back of my mind. It was when you said that having Jupiter in the 12th was like having the blessings
of the Almighty. Recently I was in a very scary situation while riding in a car. The driver did something so unbelievable that I still can’t believe we’re here to tell about it. In any other circumstance, we wouldn’t be. I thank you for reminding me about Jupiter in the 12th. Judy

Leo sun/moon here. God help me stand alone proudly. It’s been a crazy past 4 years. Meditation and prayer have been keeping me sane for the most part. Thank you for the message. As always love your beautiful work.

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So funny for Cancer/Cancer rising – “still involved from 2008, no?” Yes – Married since October 2008 LOL. Very happily, thank the gods.

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