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Cancer solar Eclipse opp Pluto

By dawn’s early light I stood on the dock and watched, sobbing and waving wildly, until the ship became a mere tiny point along the western horizon and eventually disappeared.
A morning chill was blowing in from the north, and my world felt so cold, and dark and utterly empty.
How odd it was, to peer into the distance and see only a speck of what had been my whole life.
I continued to weep loudly into the impassive sea in unimaginable anguish and fear of what a future could ever be like.

Suddenly, how odd it was indeed, after several minutes, my whole body twitched. Impossible as it seemed, we could still feel each other!
Despite and beyond the vast growing, agonizing distance, we could feel each other.
Strange and unreal as it may seem to you, we could feel each other.
We still can.
I still do.
I take great comfort in that.
I really do.

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I feel it too, often with people I have loved and who have touched me deeply. I sense them near and I love the feeling, just knowing they are here with me. Love never dies, but the void they leave is never filled either.

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