2018 August

30 Aug: Thousands of lotuses

Thousands of thank-you‘s for all the touching responses I got to yesterday’s post. I assure you I’m fine and I wasn’t complaining—Just letting everybody know that I was aware of…

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28 Aug: Moving forward at last,

Mars heading from earth to air prepares long takeoff. Please remain seated with seat belts securely fastened.

26 Aug: Mars direct and revolutionary change

Mars stations direct 27 august before re-entering Aquarius on september 11th, Which, for those interested will be crucial weeks impacting the further collapse of all antiquated systems and the coming revolution which is to follow.

By the way, revolutions are never started by nice people.

25 Aug: Venus square Pluto aug18

         = triangles

 = lovehate triangles

The irony  and consequence of uncontrollable, obsessive or misplaced passion You write the script. Just remember, they almost  always find the body. 

23 Aug: Regulus first magnitude star

Cum humilitate et gratia

The Sun conjunct Regulus today, Regulus just entering Virgo for the next 2000 years, bringing its message of promise of greatness

And warning of hubris

serve with humility and gratitude

20 Aug: Even though scary things can happen..

SCARY THINGS  CAN HAPPEN, BUT DON’T LET THAT SCARE YOU. Beginning in 2007  With  Pluto entering Capricorn and eventually crossing the Ecliptic in to the South…  a complete transformation in…

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