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Even though scary things can happen..


Beginning in 2007  With  Pluto entering Capricorn and eventually crossing the Ecliptic in to the South…  a complete transformation in human politics, religion and culture is occurring, andthe  following scenario seems to be becoming a dominating theme:


As the veneer of civility grows thinner, an air of futility  spreads across the land. People are seized with an  overwhelming  awareness that that all rational behavior and organizational control is all but lost, as it becomes Impossible to discern ally from enemy.  Society Begins its fearsome descent  to the depths of chaos, threatening to give way to a subhuman free-for-all.

During the collapse of an  empire  (and an entire culture), old  loyalties naturally disintegrate. Ideologies blur and alliances crumble   in the wake of a vanishing morality.  Expediency eradicates ethics. Zeal replaces reason. In a chaotic  climate, survival and greed become  the prime motivations, as humanitarian idealism struggles to have a voice.

No more long-standing party affiliations, No more parties, just like 

Zombies mindlessly scrambling  to escape the fated loop of the undead,  a total madhouse ensues. 

 Except for the stubborn, hearty few

who hold fiercely on to a tattered ethos, like old soldiers whose era has past, until a new hero appears, the mob remains  like a  pack of lost, feral dogs sniffing each other’s butts in the futile attempt find their own.

Scary  things happen when  those in power become obsessed with control  and use the entertainment industry to commit  truly heinous crimes against a gullible audience.

Is there any good news?

Believe it or not all is far from

 lost. Despite the paranoid clannishness, xenophobia and starvation anxiety that seem to be seizing the world, well, especially in the United States, the US horoscope has fortunately Jupiter progressing to its exaltation at 15 degrees of Cancer. This will eventually help

in real ways to counteract

the fierce isolationism and corporate greed that has all but turned many into hungry, slathering zombies.

There exists still at the core, in spite of the irresistible colonialist territorialism, a genuine desire to feed the hungry and give shelter to those who seek it. Temporarily eclipsed, perhaps, the generosity and beneficence are still there, at the core of the American spirit no matter how dark the Pluto transits manifestations. The goal is to rediscover it before it is crushed out of existence.

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