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The hours before a direct mercury station

tend to be the absolute craziest, so  this is one of those times we hope that the transit of Jupiter/Neptune will Provide enough pleasure and joy to blot out the current madness and confusion over separation. Nonetheless, up ahead the path is beginning to diverge.

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That’s a beautiful picture that I can use for my meditation. Which path to take. As a wee little one we were surrounded by woods. We cut through the woods to get to the bus stop or our friends. We played in the woods. Once I fell asleep in our ‘fort’ in the woods and was awaken by my family calling my name from the front door for dinner. I still LOVE the woods. I think I’ll listen to Leon Russell’s Out in the Woods. As far as the rest, I have no expectations.

Goes back to the eclipse message: alone (but missing someone) vs. together (but wishing that person was not there).
Perfect dilemma I am facing. Am leaning toward the alone part. I love the picture. Reminds me of choosing the path less traveled.

Because if you screw up, everybody will know.

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