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As Pluto descends…

Just as Pluto descends across its South Node ushering in a more mysterious, challenging, hidden and difficult-to-believe fantastic period in human civilization, a reader has accused me of purposely dangling clues about what’s really happening in the world, just to keep you clicking on my page and site.

I can understand the frustration and anxiety that current uncertainty engenders, but I think we would all agree that mind-boggling events are being spoonfed to us every day. As crazy as many of the possibilities seem, eventually we will metabolize them all.


I have been writing candidly on my website and everywhere else On the ramifications of these Pluto and outer planet transits on government and society for 12 years.

Nobody knows everything. It’s only been a few months since the appearance of Oumuamua, so how could we possibly be expected to have definite information about that? Don’t be shy. Use your imagination.
I’ve always published what I’m sure of and am still doing that. My hunches are another story, and while I reserve my more off-the-wall
conjectures for private discussions with like-minded colleagues, many People can read in between the lines and understand my caution as well as the dangers of stepping over a line.
Know this:
As we stand the at the threshold of global revolution such as we have never experienced in the modern world, one that will surely affect the culture, history and well being of everyone on the planet Earth, many conflicting agendas are being initiated, by many conflicting factions- – some fighting for the good and advancement of humanity, others battling ferociously and ruthlessly for control of the whole human world.
More to come.

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Reading the news these days is truly like drinking from a fire hose.

Just a hello from one who talks with trees, that there are more conscious beings here than humans and they have a say too. we’re all in this together

Ave Marie Guenthner

Many minor and not so minor battles, many factions. As if we are on display. Or should I say it’s a new-fangled interactive game, complete w/ holograms?
I’ve read your ‘stuff’ for years, Michael.
Some things’ll never change and, thank the maker, some always will.

I love you. Thank you for caring.

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