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You think YOU’re under pressure?

With the moon besieged between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn you are feeling squeezed and pressured. The way out right now is not to do everything at once or even try. Take the most pressing responsibility and handle it and start your week that way. Today Sunday. And everything won’t seem So crucial and impossible to manage. In fact each thing will fall into place if you do the next thing on the list so make a list.

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Pressing need to descale my coffee maker before all else.
Make an appointment for a tattoo next week.
Everything else is in somebody else’s hands.

Right again.🤗 The list is long and everything seems crucial to such an extent that Xmas is the last on my list 🙄

Making my list , checking it twice….

I always make a list and then forget to bring it with me!

Thank you!!! Checking my list….

Mike, You are so right! Not enough hours in the day for me.
And it’s not even about Christmas! I do make lists but I misplace them.

Invaluable I read for me my daughter& friends and find theres something for everyone that pinpoints the essence of mine & their experience of late. Love it that you are able to do that ie to put those rumblings not yet conscious just out of sight up to the light so I dont feel Im crazy adrift in an uncaring universe. My experience makes sense thats very reassuring. Thankyou for what you do.

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