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Ever mindful that one’s intentions alone cannot tame the wild in every animal, here’s a cool Chiron wish for anyone to say to everyone in process of seeking a new start :
“May all those whose lives I touch know joy as  a result of my efforts.”

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How very kind and caring you are to us all. Thank you!!

thank you because , yes, you do hit home. much love xoxo

OMG, this is so perfect for everything that’s going on my life right now. What a beautiful thought to keep in mind today and every day. Thank you so much, Michael.

Nice…”me like”. Great personal mission statement moving forward. Thank you for the message.

XOxo ad Infinitum

Now and Forever. Please and Thank You❤️

You’ve succeeded in your Mission Michael, thank you. Not just joy, but the confirmation, and the prods and reminders that I always need. 😉

Your humor, wisdom, authenticity and compassion bring joy and relief to my existence. I don’t where I’d be without your advice…Thank you for being here, Michael.

Thank you Michael.

Double and triple DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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