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My friend Jerry’s dream

My neighbor Jerry’s dream was so weird, I insisted he go see the Doktor.

Good Morning, Doktor Insekkt. So I’m in this theater. It was me but it wasn’t me. My name was Morty. A lot of people are there. And suddenly I realize that there is a movie we’re all watching. 

And suddenly something happens. 

I think someone up in the projection rooms turns the projector off and all the lights go out. Just for a second. Then the lights go on and the movie starts playing again, but, here’s the weird part. Noone remembers what the movie was about or what they are even doing there.

And all at once  I feel compelled to stand up and shout to everybody in the theater, « SEEK SHELTER! »

Does that mean anything? I did have spicy pizza that night.

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we all feel it . some thing is happening. i 100% believe its already begun. and think I’m crazy. don’t care. this has happened to me since i was little , as long as I remember and I’ve never been wrong. go and get goose bumps. this is for real. thanks for the fore warning. much love

Hahaha, magnificent. I love it.

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