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May all grief be banished, and replaced by the joys of learning, wisdom and clarity of mind.

This weekend is the most spiritually developed and wise or craziest you could feel in years if ever, but stay cool, dont’t listen to your mind and it’s gonna be ok. As Chiron changes sign This is just a stage you probably have to go through:
You may feel like a broken, forgotten toy sitting in the corner or just like such a goddamned fool. The question:
How deep is your love? Speaking, doing or even thinking can be hairy. Resist distracting, seductive thoughts or voices in the head, fears and fantasies arising to tempt or scare you and remain focused on your higher purpose and remember you have one. Think no thoughts. Hear no thoughts. Don’t let them  into your mind.

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Thank you Michael.
Promise to stay clean and quiet.
Thank you so much for your support at this crazy time. 🌹

Thank-you for the guidance , Michael.

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