2019 March

31 Mar: April monthly message 2019

Those few seconds when you’re waking up…before you get out of bed, you relive in your mind,everything you’ve been through, and no, it was not just a dream and yes, this is the life you have to live now.


When he played it back for me, a long, empty silence followed on the recording after the Doktor had asked me what happened next in that meeting.
Finally I heard myself saying, in kind of a cool, professional Tv reporter’s voice,
“Why, Doktor Insekkt,
You know very well that just before every murder there’s a commercial.
And when wecome back, we just don’t know what exactly happened. So Let’s leave that space black for now and not ask too many nosy questions.”

29 Mar: By the time I got there,

REDACTED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES. By the cxxxcxcctime I got therex ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🔊cxxxx, it was all cxxxxxxxx cxxsmiles and pretty much over cxxxccccxx c, but I knew the good ⚫️Xxxcxcxcxx⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🔊🔊🔊. C xxxxxcxxxx ccc was hIdden by the occultation behind the Moon. Somebody xxxxxcxcxx⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ cxxxccxcxx cccccxchas asked me xxxxxcxcxccccccccccccccif it was all men, so I cxxcccccccccccccccccjoked you can’t cxxxcccccccccccccccccalways tell with ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🔊🔊⬛️⬛️🔊⬛️⬛️Cccccxcccccccccthese people.
Big topic: division of turf from XxxxxTranquixxx. to xxxxxccPyo.

29 Mar: The occultations on a personal level

Could make you feel panicky and claustrophobically stuck in a box. Actually, when you are rational you can start thinking how to change a confining situation.

28 Mar: As the occultation is forming,

As we speak and the occultation is forming above our heads, power deals and strong alliances on the highest levels are being cemented, while at the same time

chillingly dark and cold schemes are also being planned and carried out.

28 Mar: Dare we think it?

With this series of occultations let nothing surprise you in government and business. Gonna get filthy across the board. The Avenatti thing is the first of several assassinations and assassination…

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28 Mar: Down and dirty

Starting RIGHT NOW
This series of occultations of Moon/Saturn/Pluto is the beginning of possibly the most ferocious battle for power and  attempt to destroy the competition in recent history. It’s going to be mighty dirty and desperate, so don’t believe anything you read or hear until you thoroughly check it out.
It has been said, however, that mud thrown at an opponent during retrograde Mercury often quickly washes clean.

27 Mar: A bit troubling and a bit tricky, but…

throughout this entire occultation
Watch what is NOT being shown, record what is NOT being said, and for the time being, imagine the rest. Here’s that  original pluto message: 

25 Mar: Underwriting this whole Mercury retrograde…

Underwriting this entire Mercury retrograde was its starting point: 29 Pisces, exactly where Chiron had been hovering for months. So what was going on? Were you making a right, holy and sacred commitment all those months? Or was it just an idiotic, hokey, stupid, Jedi mind trick?
Jeez, whaddaya gonna do, give up NOW?.

24 Mar: UH-OH!

What if the emptiness you’ve been fleeing by obsessively focusing on Trump, Mueller and the boys catches up to you and you end up having to still look at where you are in your life right now? Oh, God, what then?