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April monthly message 2019

April 2019

Those few seconds when you’re waking up…before you get out of bed, you relive in your mind,everything you’ve been through, and no, it was not just a dream and yes, this is the life you have to live now.

In spite of crushing pressure or anxiety: We start from that now and move forward.

A New Moon approaching the exaltation of the Sun.

April is all about finding your authentic self, getting back on track and getting your shit together. And I’m not even talking about the most mental – making retrograde Mercury in recent history.

Frankly that Mercury transit is not completely over yet. until Mercury gets out of Pisces. But thank God you are coming out of it, even with Chiron rising above the New Moon 5 April. At least you know now what you have to do.

CHIRON IN ARIES what is it? Going it alone if you must, but bravely going forward

The Lindbergh Flight solo across the Atlantic  ocean.


Who am I kidding? Actually it’s possible Chiron is rising above the lunation But the exalted Sun brightens the day.

Even though it’s not easy to look at who you really are and face the authentic self you are now challenged to construct, reconstruct or just plain create.

Right now, however, with the Sun wxalted and the Moon right behind it, focus this month on the power to do so, the positive energy that empowers you .  You have it there now to eradicate any sense of defeatism. If you have to fight, then fight you must to emerge in the light.


You have already shown everybody that nothing can kill your ingenuity or your ability to keep going under impossible circumstances. Keep it up, maintain your mobility with Mars in Gemini, mainly because you’re in more of a rush to accomplish everything than ever. You’ll probably say things you shouldn’t, but you still got plenty of love in you, and no personal burden can hold you prisoner because you are alive.


You have received a double whammy lately so you need special care right now. You also need to exercise and develop the one thing that many members of your sign lack: flexibility. Warm–hearted yes, but also a bit on the brittle side when it comes to adapting to unexpected switches and reversals with Chiron in the 12th house and Uranus in your sign.  It will open you up and liberate you, even if it freaks you out—spontaneity is demanded.

Taurus is the palm tree in a hurricane that may bend, but never breaks.


For most of this year, the occultations of Saturn and Pluto are likely to push you closer to the edge if you don’t remember to acknowledge the impermanence of everything: events, crises, or any threats to your well-being and prosperity. You need to remember your mobility and adaptability to ever-changing circumstances. I suppose that means you have to run faster than the tax man or any giant crab chasing you. You’ve got a great perspective this year on everything thanks to at least one person, who sees how smart you are and can still make you laugh, even when your teeth are chattering.


Even if you have to fight for it, you have to come out on top of any challenge or dispute. When an exulted Sun is overhead, even with Chiron rising above it you can’t let anybody or anything drag you down. Besides, with the North Node in your sign now, you will prevail over adversaries and open enemies with any specious charges or infantile behavior. It may not be great for partnerships or togetherness, however, mainly because this is your time for enjoying independence—even if that means soup for one more often than not.


When you eliminate from your mind all of the obscurations that diminish your creative pursuits or stunt your personal or intellectual growth, all doors are open.  Fear nothing now. You must be the fearless explorer of health and truth and embark on an adventure of authenticity. Then freedom is assured. Leo strives always for personal integrity and authenticity of self-expression, without which talent languishes in the shadows. The adventure now is to liberate the mind from all darkness to it’s shining, thrilling, blissful state.


Coming to grips with the fact that even Virgos have a desirous nature with hungers that need to be fed and thirsts that need quenching, can be daunting indeed, especially if you don’t feel all that sexy. You must pride yourself in your rational ability to rise above all your primitive desires. Your creativity, however, hangs largely on your ability to allow expression to the primitive side of yourself that is both fulfilling and horribly embarrassing at the same time.


Although it may annoy you sometimes that Libra is supposed to be all about relating and relationships, especially when you’re wishing people would stop bugging you, you still enjoy juggling your deep desire to be connected with your rage at having to relate. It does make for a lively dialogue within your self between “don’t leave me“ and “get the hell away from me.“ April is about appreciating that conflict but overriding your frustration about it and giving relationships another go.


The transit of the planet Uranus to your six house over the last seven and eight years has showed you some fantastic and phenomenal secrets to good health found way outside the box of traditional medicine. No “condition” could ever be stronger than your power to live fully, healthfully and productively and creatively whenever and for as long as you want to. It does require now a schedule and healthful dietary regime and the will to function, even if you have to work hard to achieve that. You get jazzed by new work and you got that right now. Your task lies before you.


Having children or grandchildren – not all Sadges do – is one amazing trip all right. What a tsunami  of love it can be—and an emotional test to let go at the same time. Of course it’s easy when tots are three years old and adorable and your heart is overflowing with happiness. And that’s to be enjoyed without fear or reservation. Even if you don’t have kids, then it is your creative self that needs nourishment now, without embarrassment or fear. 

With Mars opposing your sign now, people will challenge you, but with Jupiter in your sign you have to let it all roll off your back. Even the money thing—a constant preoccupation—let nothing keep you from laughing.


You know damned well this is a no-fooling-around year. You’ve never had a challenging year like this one and you probably never will again. You’ve got the world’s attention if you want it, but it’s not any play time and you have to wake up to the urgent realization that there is no tomorrow. Whatever you want to do,  don’t wait. Just do it today. So stick all your dreads and fears back in the closet, and enjoy what home and security you have. You’re not alone in this world crisis.  We are all on the same leaky economic boat, and you got a load of responsibility on your shoulders there’s no running away from, but you definitely have  the world’s attention.


Whatever you are doing, don’t stop. Keep running. Don’t turn around. Don’t look back just keep running forward right now, it keeps you limber, even if you’re still living two lives. And you probably are. That’s because you’re public self is lively, active, cheerful, busy and agile. Busy doing day-to-day things. There is a deeper, darker and private side to you though. It may seem spooky as hell, and resentful, thinking life is passing you by. But… there is tremendous depth to the many thoughts, plans and wishes you are not expressing publicly. I believe you are preparing to re-emerge more whole and integrated than ever. Just not immediately.


Dealing with the financial aspects of life may seem ridiculous under the circumstances, but you’re still very much here, alive and still on Earth.  You have just survived a tremendously traumatic and highly emotional period which was filled with doubt, uncertainty (more than normal) and even serious long-standing grief, astrologically defined as Chiron transiting your sign. Neptune’s presence, although often mysterious and confounding, helps turn your interest to the mysteries of life itself. In the end as always it’s faith that pulls you through.That’s a tremendous accomplishment by the way because there is and has been so much internal strife. You’re still obliged to pay bills, so you got to take stock of stocks, bonds, jewels have and all your valuables and see that no matter how foolish it is to think about the things of this world, your net worth still matters.

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Sharlene Sutherland


Beautiful and thank you,Blessings

Awesome! In Aries we are born again. The struggle for life continues, if it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.

Definitely feeling this. Spot on as usual, Mikey!

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