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As the occultation is forming,

As we speak and the occultation is forming above our heads, power deals and strong alliances on the highest levels are being cemented, while at the same time

chillingly dark and cold schemes are also being planned and carried out.

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Patricia C. Puliafico

that’s scary

Help ….!!!

I can feel it in the ether.

By this time next year most Americans will wake up to how far fascism has crept in.

Ave Marie Guenthner

Just got done w a conversation along these very same lines (not to an extreme, yet significant)!! Got laugh to keep from screaming!!

Scary but I am not scared. Come what may. Those who are old enough must realise that it has always been like this. So called “alliances” been formed to give people hope but what really mattered was what happened behind closed doors which prepared our downfall and got us to this point in time ?

You have been right.
I appreciate your perception, however, I’m better off knowing that there is a grim battle ahead. I’m just going to roll with the changes. Thank you for being honest. Nothing will improve any other way.

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