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What are we witnessing with this Jupiter Saturn Pluto

What we will need to explore in greater depth over coming months: How profound will be the effects of the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn transformation we discussed back in 2006?
As it signals the United States Pluto return, an event that hasn’t occurred since the end of the 18th century affecting America, Europe and the world, is this merely a harbinger of a painful but necessary and inevitable crisis of political and socioeconomic transformation of gigantic life- changing proportions?
Or are we looking at the complete collapse of a System springing out of the human desire for domination, control of the material world, and the Fate and downfall of a society on its way down?

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Interesting times.

Grasp not, lest ye be screwed….

We’ll find out. All I can say is that I’m noticing that companies are expected to take a lot more social responsibility than before. Remington now has to worry about mass shooters using their products, and people who worked for Theranos are being blackballed for years from getting another job. It’s like getting a job requires society to trust someone with at least one thing, and if someone is deemed untrustworthy, financial survival is very hard…

There is a lot of sleaze going on amongst the political and economic elite (the university admissions scandal…and yet, and yet, a degree doesn’t matter that much when I look at someone’s resume, I don’t even think that highly of my education, or my work experience…and the way the Virginia governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general all had some serious baggage, and people were defending the Virginia governor because of his connections to powerful donors).

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