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WILSON! A Full Moon story


In the pic below Undaunted by the gravity of the trauma he has sustained and determined to get out and take a walk on his own, a man is grateful for the gentle hand that helps him restore his balance. 

 This is a manifestation of the full moon on the world axis 0° aries is 0° libra. It shows that even the strongest person male or female gender doesn’t matter, even the strongest person is vulnerable to the sand-filled  sock that awaits us all around any corner.  

0° Aries represents a new birth of perfection, classic perfection the ideal potential of rebirth. Not all full moons are this noteworthy. That depends on whether they land on any major points or configurations. This one is smack on Chiron at the beginning of Aries. This affects world leaders and alliances.

In your own case it shows you something quite personal and intimate about your current life and the conditions of what  lie ahead.

You have made some choices and they’ve set your course with challenges only you can meet. The path ahead is loaded with potential for a magnificent success, but the presence of Chiron shows you a path that is somewhat rebellious. It is taking you away from some people you have been close to and depending on.

Now you have  only your courage and determination to lean on and you are alone. It’s a hostile world and you’ve seen that. You really can’t allow yourself to buckle and fall, mainly because so much hangs  on your bravery, ingenuity, creativity and absolute refusal to fail.

And yet, you are reminded that nobody makes it all alone. You’re alone and you’re not. There’s always a figure, somehow, somewhere, whose presence you are grateful for, whose very existence gets you going and provides a spiritual balance when you’re wobbling, which of course you do.

No matter how persistent or impervious to loss of resolve as you may be, there is always a figure somewhere to balance you out.

That’s the meaning of this full moon.

I myself have always been vulnerable to the great tearjerkers of Hollywood when that particular theme comes up during the movie. There have only been a few films where I lost it completely and needed Had to be helped out of the theater. One was “CASTAWAY“ was Tom Hanks, Stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a soccer ball for a companion.

I was blown away in that film by Tom Hanks’ professional, creative ability and how his character could make me believe that a soccer ball was a person.

Well! When  that ball rolled away into the sea and Tom Hanks’s character screamed, “WILSON!” I got the same down-to-the-bone shudder that I get every time Rodolfo screams “Mimi” or Rigoletto screams “Gilda!” at the end of the last act.

In  that film “Castaway” at that moment I felt the loss I’ve ever felt for all those I’ve lost in my life and gratitude for those who bevel my sharp edges, render me socialized and keep me in balance.

“What an actor Hanks is, “I marveled when I finally composed myself.

But then I realized.

He wasn’t acting!

He wasn’t acting when he screamed, “WILSON! “

Wilson is his wife’s name.

Tom Hanks is married to Rita Wilson. Through his character Tom Hanks communicated to us the power and the meaning of a human connection when it’s about to be lost, the need for every human to connect with something someone without whom  or which they are floating on a vast andempty ocean.

That’s the meaning of this full moon . You are  on your journey alone and you have only your will to live and your ingenuity to guide you. But… Everybody needs his Wilson.



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Thank you Mickey for being there for us when we wobble. What a great gift you are!

Very meaningful!

Ditto on the “wow” message. Wow!

Wonderful, Michael!

Patricia Timmens


🎯. Profound! I so needed to read this. Scary, but….we’re all on the same makeshift raft.
Thank you Michael for sharing your beautiful gift with us!!


Oh my I needed to be reminded of this. I am a libra born 59.9.29 and I have been bouncing and bobbing since I was snack down in 2012. I have been in a dark place and I lost the light. But I am hoping after reading these words there is a purpose to this. I thank you for these words.

I agree. wow!! Nice work Lutin.


The sacrifice of Wilson was a necessary plot device to show that the character was choosing life, choosing the future over a dead-end past.

Willingly or unwillingly, we’ve all left a Wilson or two behind on life’s journey.

And yet I still wept…

Wow great message to ponder thank you.
PS last night I watched the Tom Hanks film Philadelphia and we bawled our eyes out

Beautifully said and so true. Quite poignant. Thank you for being you.

A Deep sigh. And a realization that when truth comes at you, it can be with a gentle wind or the ferociousness of a tiger. My Wilson is with me still.

Unbelievable…really. I’m an career actor- and I had never made the connection that Wilson was his person- his wife-even more moving.
It’s been an incredibly rocky road for me these last 6-7 years and I’m going to look up at that moon and pray.
You got me and thank you

Wow again and again 😊 How can you interpret this accurately is what amazes me. It is quite comforting to read your own experiences and of those who comment here. When we think we are alone, suddenly we realise we are not. Thank you Michael.😍 I will memorise this message and watch the film again. 💓

Great movie with many nuanced messages. Hanks is fabulous. Thanks for the reminder that we all need our Wilson.

We are all so lucky to have you ,how can I thank you for your kindness,you guide us time after time with your wit and wisdom,protecting us at this very hard and dark times,all my love.

Judy m.

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