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Last Year’s OCCULTATION 25 April 2019


thursday 25 April 2019

We can’t be sure if it will come with the deafening Boom of a huge drum and crash of cymbals, like in the film The Man Who Knew Too Much”, or more gently, like  the completion of a garden painting done with the gentle strokes of a French Impressionist’s finest brush.

Something, however, is afoot.

It’s smooth, though. Gently coaxing us all into the pot for a comfy frog’s boil.

One thing, though. The battle being waged now is being waged with an almost incredible finesse.

This week. We think it’s just another week.

But it’s not.

Another occultation of Saturn and Pluto by the Moon on Thursday.

Another High Level meeting behind doors securely closed, recording devices stowed, the true purpose of which is blacked out from view, to allay panic, to shield the world from viewing dark motives, revealing dark , cynical plans for the safely medicated human race.

Few even now  believe here in the first  years of the 21st century, that the citizens of this world are being watched keenly and closely by those who consider their intelligences greater than ours,  and yet in their time will prove as mortal as our own.

And as we busy ourselves  about our  various concerns, we are being scrutinized  and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly  as one  with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.

With infinite complacency we go  to and fro over this globe about about our little affairs, serene in our assurance of our  empire over matter. Few among us give a thought to the real and present sources of human danger, or think  of them only to dismiss the ideas as impossible or improbable.

Yet at this very moment behind closed doors and flaunting the vastness of space and time, minds and intellects,  cool and unsympathetic, regard all that we think we possess with envious eyes, and are slowly and surely drawing  their plans against us.

And  it is in the outcomes of these meetings like those on Thursday  that lie our common fate and disillusionment. Do not jump to conclusions. It’s always different on paper.

More to come. Watch everything Thursday.

Mikey and HG wells

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All of that happening on Thursday and a Void of Course Moon, too! OY!!!

That last occultation sucked. Everybody felt it. Is there an equally light and benevolent side to this?


6th sense wide open….

Good to be forewarned!

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