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Here’s the Deal with Neptune Retrograde

Here’s the deal with Neptune.

It’s ALWAYS seductive

It ALWAYS leads to extremes.

It ALWAYS  convinces you to follow your instincts and makes you doubt them at the same time.

It ALWAYS gets you in deep over your head.

It ALWAYS promises ecstasy. 

It never shows you all sides

It  ALWAYS promises to relieve pain.

It ALWAYS brings pleasure

It NEVER tells you the whole story.

It ALWAYS  gives you the choice of lavish indulgence or self-denial.

it ALWAYS leaves you with a million questions

Back in the early 2000’s we offered a prediction of how the transit in Pisces would affect your sign. Your rising sign, and the Signs of all the people you’ll have to learn you cannot control.

If you don’t have your copy of Neptune in Pisces handy or you are relatively new to get it now, as Neptune is still crashing on your shore and leaving you to trust that you’re not being a total fool

Aries: your belief in “God”

Taurus: all your hopes and dreams

Gemini: your career and/or your mother

Cancer: foreign travel in your higher mind

Leo: death, debt, and sexual magnetism/power

Virgo: relationships with the opposite sex

Libra: health and your life work

Scorpio: your kids, love, creative urges

Sadge: home, family, parents

Capricorn: communication, mobility

Aquarius: money and ethics

Pisces: spiritual gratitude


Get Neptune in Pisces here, if you don’t already have it.


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This Gemini Rising had a visit from Mom, from the UK, and had to take a bunch of time off work. For sure.. 😉
That made me laugh out loud. It’s definitely been a balancing act between Mom and my career this last 2 weeks.

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